Strategic Digital Customer Engagement

Understand how and where you can leverage technology and data to enhance your consumer engagement

Infostretch can help you take advantage of the latest digital technologies – from AI and Bots to Augmented Reality and Blockchain – to transform your most important customer touchpoints.

Digital is disrupting the traditional customer experience

And businesses in a variety of industries are responding by embracing digital channels. Omnichannel is the aim, but putting digital channels to work can be a struggle due to:

  • A lack of a cohesive strategy
  • Limited digital expertise on staff
  • Difficulty integrating digital channels with existing legacy systems
  • Budget constraints
  • Not knowing which features and functionalities to prioritize

It all adds up to lost opportunity and an inability to take advantage of valuable insights from digital customer data. Businesses that are slow to market with new digital services are at a significant competitive disadvantage and run the risk of losing customers, market share, and profitable revenues.

See how Infostretch has become a digital native technology services firm

We were founded to help businesses put digital to work – to transform the way they engage with their customers; bring new digital products to market; and make their organization more responsive to the accelerated pace that digital dictates.

We focus on the following key practice areas to enhance the way you engage with your customers:

  • Agile Lifecycle & Smart Solutions – to improve the way you develop new digital products and bring them to market
  • Intelligence-Based Action & Automated Operations – to make the backend operations supporting your digital offerings more time and cost efficient

Digital Customer Engagement for Industry Leaders and Innovators

Digital Customer Engagement Services


  • Digital Maturity Assessments
  • Business/Market Drivers
  • Customer Needs/Use Cases
  • Digital Roadmaps/Priorities

Digital Technology Evaluation/Deployment

Digital Lifecycle Management

  • Agile Development and Test Methodologies
  • DevOps and Shift Left
  • Test Automation

Vertical-Specific Applications of Digital

Infostretch has experience devising, planning, developing and deploying digital customer engagement solutions and use cases across multiple industries.


  • Packaged POS, shopping cart and checkout integration
  • Backend system integration
  • Real-time customer engagement


  • Airline booking
  • UX for travelers
  • In-flight and logistics tracking assistance
  • Connected in-room experience for hotel guests


  • Location-based consumer engagement and publicity for sponsors
  • Packaged components like fans, ads, network updates, tickets and media


  • Field service automation
  • Integration with SAP/Oracle backend
  • Auto dealer sales opportunity tracking and engagement


  • Retail banking
  • Integration with global banking systems
  • Mobile commerce
  • Mobile payments