Compatibility Testing

Provide an optimal experience for your users in any environment

Keeping Pace in the New World of Digital

Compatibility testing has become incredibly complex in the world of web, mobile and IoT. Numerous platforms, operating systems, network connections, devices and sensors make it almost impossible to keep up. The release of every new related application, device or OS requires new rounds of QA to ensure the optimal user experience. These challenges are further complicated in production:

Test Coverage

Pre-production testing and QA processes, no matter how thorough, can’t anticipate all potential performance issues.


There are an infinite number of hardware, software and other compute environment variables. Testing must account for both forward and backward-facing versions.


New digital technologies are coming to market at an unprecedented pace and pushing these limits even further.

The stakes are high. Companies that can’t keep up face dissatisfied customers, negative user reviews, high customer support costs, potential revenue loss and more.

Comprehensive Compatibility Testing for Today

Infostretch offers comprehensive compatibility testing services and infrastructure to ensure your applications deliver for your users. Our experience in digital over the last 10 years has provided us with a unique and well-informed view of the requirements for success in compatibility testing.

Our services cover the full lifecycle of your applications – from planning and design through deployment and monitoring. We also account for all the relevant variables in your computing environment with a fully equipped compatibility test lab sporting the latest hardware, operating systems, platforms, and 3000+ real devices.

Computing Environment

No matter what type of digital product or service you provide, Infostretch can test it for the right set of combinations for your environment to assure application quality and improve user service levels.

Optimize Your Compatibility Testing

Compare your current approach to industry best practices and optimize your compatibility testing processes, tools and frameworks.

Optimizing Digital Testing for Industry Leaders and Innovators

leading healthcare organization
Provided an enterprise testing solution that packaged functional, regression, compatibility and automation testing. Identified and executed over 4,000 use cases. Delivered product with “zero” production defects.
weight loss management company
Helped scale this app across several geos leveraging cloud-based testing to automate and accelerate cycle time. Enabled comprehensive tracking all test runs and KPIs. Provided real device support in private cloud improving test coverage and results accuracy.
leading hotel chain
Deployed multiple Agile development, test automation and compatibility testing initiatives leveraging Jenkins, Selenium and Cucumber. Support for up to 17 languages and 11 brands.

Resources – Test Centers of Excellence

Is Your Mobile Testing Optimized?

Compare your current approach to industry best practices. Our free QE Maturity Model Assessment includes an interactive workshop, stakeholder interviews and recommendations for accelerating your mobile initiatives covering processes, tools and frameworks.

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