Test Centers of Excellence

Raise Software Quality Levels with Centralized Test and QA Services & Solutions

Accelerate the Maturity of Your Test/QA Processes

In today’s digital environment, enterprises face numerous challenges as they try to maintain application quality, including:

Under-performing test and QA functions


Sub-optimal utilization of resources, tools and infrastructure


Inconsistent test processes across geographies and locations

Leading organizations are embracing Test Centers of Excellence (TCoEs) to address these issues. TCoEs enable enterprise QA teams to centralize key testing functions and standardize processes for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Infostretch Test Centers of Excellence

Infostretch can help you create your own TCoEs within your organization – aligning your testing processes, people, infrastructure and tools to operate as a shared service. We combine the latest Quality Engineering principles and best practices with cutting edge tools and frameworks to ensure application quality while driving significant operational inefficiencies. TCoEs offer enterprises a number of important benefits including:

Agile and responsive test/QA services supported by expert resources available around the world
Access to proven test frameworks and accelerators that save time and cost
Improved test planning, management, governance, and reporting
Reduced test infrastructure costs,
hardware and tools
Test cycle time reductions
of up to 80%
Software testing and QA cost
reductions of up to 40%

Set Up Your Own Test Centers of Excellence

We’ll show you what it takes and how to decide on the best approach for your organization.

Optimizing Digital Testing for Industry Leaders and Innovators

Provided an Enterprise Testing Solution that packaged Functional, Security, UI, Database, Integration, Compatibility and Automation Testing. Identified and executed over 4,000 testable use cases. Successfully delivered product with “zero” production defects.
QA’d all aspects of the tablet hardware and application involved in the Peloton interactive exercise bike offering. Included 50 test scenarios, end-to-end testing and validation of application and business use cases, covering multiple systems and time frames. Reduced regression testing time by more than half.
Manual and automation testing integrated with CI. Included functional, regression, usability, performance, scalability and vulnerability testing. Performed performance and Load testing with backend and front end test suites. Defined QA activities and deliverables per release, sprint and regression process.

Resources – Test Centers of Excellence

Set Up Your Own Test Centers of Excellence

We’ll show you what it takes and how to decide on the best approach for your organization.

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