Improve QA automation using our Test Automation Services

Reduce cycle time to accelerate digital success

Infostretch helps Test/QA organizations expand their use of automation testing to speed time-to-market for new digital services while reducing operating expenses.

QA Automation testing service is essential to digital success

Market demands are putting more pressure on organizations to embrace automation to speed delivery cycles:

  • DevOps initiatives accelerate the pace of development and shorten go-to-market windows
  • More complex environments include multiple channels, devices, and delivery formats
  • Increased globalization requires broader market coverage
  • Users expect responsiveness to their feedback

How Infostretch can put our software Test Automation services to work for you

We leverage best practices in Agile testing, continuous integration and test-driven development to enable you to get new digital services to market faster, expand market coverage, and respond more quickly and efficiently to market feedback.

Test automation in software testing is the use of tools and frameworks to control the execution of tests cases and compare outcome with predicted outcomes. Infostretch Test Automation services span web, mobile and web services. It enables automated testing of multiple mobile devices and multiple browsers in the cloud or on premise, using any framework. See below for an example of our services in action.

Discover the Benefits of Test Automation

Easy-to-use automation tools
Reduced overhead and operational expenses
CI/CD, test-driven development (TDD), in-sprint automation
Shorter cycle times and faster time to market
Unified testing of web, mobile and native apps and services
Increased coverage – device, OS, geographies
Feedback-driven processes that identify user issues sooner
Improved testing quality; higher service levels
Business-driven development & testing concepts
Faster problem
Component/data driven automation that minimizes maintenance
Substantial time/resource efficiencies; increased user confidence and adoption
Proven, reusable test frameworks that span GUI/WEB Services
Higher level of consistency in test coverage
Advanced reporting and trend analysis
Improved testing efficiency for digital transformation initiatives

Test Automation for Industry Leaders

Expertise with the Leading Test Automation Solutions

Infostretch has extensive, hands-on experience with the leading Test Automation tools on the market. We can help you take full advantage of these tools to maximize your ROI with them.

“Infostretch has been invaluable in helping us avoid some of the common mistakes when it comes to test automation adoption.”
Chris Babcock
Chief Technology Officer
“They have been there for us whenever we needed them, either to get the specialty skillsets, or the type of people we need when we need them. I think they have worked very well with our project needs.”
Surendra Goel
Co-Founder, Chairman and CTO
“Infostretch is an expert in the field of mobility. Over the years, we have built a very strong partnership with Infostretch where we have looked to them to partner with us in thought leadership around quality for mobility, and around what’s coming next.”
Pamela Thomas
Director of Digital Quality Assurance
“We’re building an automation platform and we wanted the ability to extend that platform through the end of the engagement and beyond. Infostretch has delivered on that and more.”
John Marshall
VP, Software Engineering