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Accelerate your Quality Engineering (QE) process with automated visual testing and layout verification

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Infostretch combines deep test/QA expertise with the industry’s leading visual testing tools to help enterprises automate and streamline the visual testing process.

automated visual testing services
the challenge

Visual Testing services can be highly manual and time-intensive

Compressed release cycles already put intense pressure on QA processes, but that challenge is even more so when it comes to the visual aspects of an application such as formatting, alignment, screen resolution, and action button location of digital interfaces. Yet, this type of testing is often the difference between a 4-star and 5-star rated application.

There are multiple challenges for QA teams:

  • Even small changes to an application can have a big impact on UI
  • Different devices, operating systems and regions increase potential for error
  • There are an infinite number of cause/effect variables to test
  • Existing manual test processes are costly, time-intensive and error-prone

cross-browser, responsive, and smart visual regression testing
What We Do

Visual Testing Services
with the latest digital technologies

Infostretch combines deep test/QA expertise with the industry’s leading visual testing tools. Our expert team can automate your Visual Testing services to expand coverage and accelerate cycle time.

Our Offering


Infostretch can help you navigate through the most difficult digital challenges with our expertise in Infostretch Visual Testing Services.

Some of these include:

Test Automation

Functional & Non-Functional Testing
Functional &

Regression Testing


UI Validation
UI Validation

Our methodology

how we do it

Our Expertise

with the leading Visual Testing tools & platforms

Infostretch has expertise with next-generation visual testing services and automation technologies to identify and remedy visual QA challenges in dramatically less time. And we are fully certified to train customers on how to best use these tools on their own.





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