A Powerful Ecosystem

Infostretch partners with the leading digital and enterprise technology providers to make sure our customers’ digital initiatives deliver the greatest possible impact

Partners Overview

We understand the critical need for digital initiatives to connect seamlessly with other enterprise platforms and systems.

Global Strategic Alliances

Infostretch’s Global Strategic Alliance partners offer integrated solutions and services for cloud, analytics, collaboration and application lifecycle management. Infostretch works closely with these partners to help our customers apply these capabilities to differentiate their business across their various digital and digital initiatives around the world.

Technology Partners

Infostretch’s Technology partners offer best-in-class digital technologies for Mobile Application Development Platforms, Test/QA, Optimization, Analytics, Device Clouds, Hosting and more. Infostretch has built Centers of Excellence around many of these technologies to enable our customers to move faster and take full advantage of all of their capabilities.

Why Choose Us

We Earn Trust-100%
Customer Reference

We Earn Trust-100% Customer Reference

Every one of our customers is a reference for Infostretch and the work we do. We don’t cherry pick customers for references or testimonials and we invite you to ask any of our customers about the work we’ve done. We know that being a trusted partner is more than just a promise. We earn your trust – every day.

and Agile

Flexible and Agile

Our customers are unique. They conduct their businesses in a world of constantly and rapidly changing objectives and priorities. We think and act quickly – and can stop on a dime or do a 180 turn round in a nanosecond. Our approach to all of our projects require us to be flexible and agile for our customers so that we can support them for whatever their needs are.

Our Talent

Our Talent Infoneers

Infostretch is known for the high caliber of our talented IT professionals. Our customers have repeatedly told us that they have worked with other organizations and that Infostretch professionals have a higher level of expertise than they were able to obtain anywhere else.

Innovations Technology
and Methodology

Innovations Technology and Methodology

Our innovative approach is rooted in all aspects of our existence and we strive to foster innovation, top-down and bottom-up, throughout our organization and on all client engagements. Infostretch experts identify opportunities to apply technology solutions that provide you with a customizable framework and an integrated strategy within your development lifecycle. This results in acomplete solution that’s tailored to meet your needs.

Value With Measurable

Value With Measurable ROI

Infostretch was founded with a vision to provide value-added solutions that significantly improve the quality of software by leveraging technology. The key to value can be pricing, and we price our services so that businesses of any size can get maximum benefit from their investment. Not only do we guarantee complete satisfaction, we also guarantee a measurable ROI (return on investment). If we’re not able to significantly help you and deliver a measurable ROI, you owe us nothing.

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