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Wearables Testing Services

Testing and automation designed to meet the QA challenges for the latest wearable devices, biosensors, and physical property sensors

wearable testing
Infostretch has tested and deployed some of the most demanding applications and use cases in wearables. We have the expertise, resources and tools to get your innovations operational.

wearable tech challenges QA and testing services
the challenge

Wearables tech challenges QA and testing teams

Companies are racing to deploy new digital apps and services on wearable devices – for both consumer and enterprise use cases. These innovations in wearables testing services present endless possibilities; e.g:

  • In Retail – virtualized shopping and personalization powered by beacons and analytics, real-time device interaction and more.
  • In Healthcare – health and fitness trackers powered by connected biosensors and algorithms.
  • In Automotive – vehicle settings based on biosensor vital readings and automated vehicle control based on human response.
  • In Travel – destination exploration suggestions based on movement trackers, location and environmental conditions.

IoT Wearable Testing Services
What We Do

Wearables Testing services with the latest digital technologies

We envision, plan, and execute comprehensive QA and testing on wearable applications, devices, physical property sensors, biosensors and connectivity that, in some cases, have never been tested before.

From front-end to back-end and everything in between, we help companies get their wearable devices, applications and ideas to market faster, with more features, and less risk.


Comprehensive Wearables Testing services

Our Wearables testing services are designed to help device companies and solution providers accelerate their wearables initiatives by enabling testing under real-life conditions.

We offer:

wearable device or application testing lab
Custom test labs
Including R&D expertise to create the ideal test/validation solution for any wearable device or application, including human subject-based testing.

extensive QA and test automation lab for wearable
A dedicated Wearables testing lab
Which combines a cloud-based enterprise architecture with our extensive QA and test automation capabilities and in-depth digital, mobile and IoT experience.

test real-life scenarios in a lab
Ground truth validation to ensure sensor algorithm accuracy
To test real-life scenarios in a lab representing the performance gold standard. We recreate real-life scenarios and conditions and analyze results and gaps including any impacts on user engagement.

wearable testing service offerings
The ability to incorporate all the elements of your Wearable offering
Device, software, connectivity, biosensors, physical property sensors, firmware, algorithms – to properly evaluate functionality and performance and provide constant validation and verification across all types of uses and functions.

sports, health, home wearable testing labs
Industry-specific labs
Set up to test segments and use-case specific functionality; e.g., sports, health, home and more.

wearable biosensors testing
Wearable Biosensor Testing
To replicate human interactions, and validate algorithms and sensor accuracy with a variety of human interactions and responses using different devices; to analyze performance across product lifecycle with gap analysis at multiple stages. Includes lab creation, subject identification, test execution, testing tools and more.

Our methodology

how we do it

“We have a lot of big ideas and crazy ways of doing things, and they’ve been able to help us to put that into a system that allows us to really test and make sure that we’re not wasting our time or effort.”
Skip Orvis
“We’re building an automation platform and we wanted the ability to extend that platform through the end of the engagement and beyond. Infostretch has delivered on that and more.”
John Marshall
VP, Software Engineering