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Is Your Organization Digitally Mature?

The term ‘digital transformation’ is everywhere these days, but there is little agreement on what exactly it means. Every business is experiencing it at some level. There is no choice as demand for higher quality digital products and services continues to ramp. Traditional approaches to software delivery just don’t apply anymore, especially with the increasing adoption of Agile and DevOps.
At the core, digital transformation is about changing the way we manage and operate our organizations to respond to this new demand. It’s essential, but how do you know where to start? What specifically does your organization need to do to move forward?

Digital Maturity

Understand Your Digital Maturity

Knowing what digital capabilities your organization currently has is essential to understanding where you need to go and in which areas you need help. Our digital maturity model evaluates how well companies have incorporated digital into their operating models and how effective you are at executing on those digital initiatives. Then, we tailor our digital services to help address those specific needs, and help you build the foundation to accelerate your success.

Elevate Your Digital Maturity and Transform Software Delivery with Infostretch

Infostretch specializes in digital-first technology services to get your mobile, web and IoT initiatives to market faster and more efficiently.

Digital Assurance

Transition from preventing mistakes and defects to driving quality into product development. Raise service levels, speed time-to-market and reduce operational costs.

Infostretch offers enterprise-class methodologies, tools and infrastructure to help accelerate your shift to Quality Engineering, DevOps, and Continuous Integration/Delivery (CI/CD). We cover the full spectrum of test automation, DevOps enablement, cloud provisioning and incorporate proven best practices and test accelerators along with leading-edge capabilities in predictive and prescriptive analytics. We also leverage industry-leading tools like Jenkins, Selenium, Appium, Perfecto, Sauce Labs , CloudBees, Tricentis and QMetry Automation Studio.

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Digital Engineering

Envision and design unique digital experiences that differentiate your business, drive operational efficiency and engage customers, partners and employees in new and productive ways.

Infostretch offers a range of expert development services for front and back-office apps; backend development and integrations, and next generation systems and devices for voice, chatbots and IoT.

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Smart Solutions / IoT

Get the right IoT initiative to market faster, more efficiently and with less risk.

Infostretch has defined, developed, QA’d and delivered successful IoT initiatives across multiple industries, regions and technology platforms. Our in-depth digital, mobile and connected device experience with a broad cross section of platforms, geographies and use cases can fast track your success.

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How Does Your Organization Measure Up?

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