Regression Testing

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Overcoming the Obstacles in Regression Testing

For any company that depends on software and digital services today, regression testing is vital to the QA process and the business. But doing it effectively has real challenges:


Regression testing can be very manual, time-consuming, and disrupt production operations if not done properly. It’s essential to have the right processes and tools to optimize and automate it as much as possible.


The pace of digital development today adds increasing time pressures and complexity as QA teams strive to stay up with longer and longer test lists in regression packs.

Perceived Value

Regression testing ensures the quality of existing features. Very important, but the business values product enhancements more. As a result, necessary investments in regression testing can be a hard sell.

Optimized Regression Testing for the Digital Age

Over its 10+ years, Infostretch has developed extensive experience and expertise in regression testing for digital. We combine proven best practices and industry-leading tools to automate and optimize regression testing processes, assure proper test coverage for your application portfolio, and ensure application enhancements deliver the intended outcomes for your users.
Scope of Infostretch Regression Testing Services:


Automatically execute UI tests after every build or change in code.


Industry Standard Tools

Leverage leading testing tools like Jenkins and Selenium to avoid manual test setup and execution.


Test Integration

Combine different types of tests; sequence and run them as a one regression run.



Detailed reporting on test pass, fail, warnings by OS, browser, configuration. Enable more informed decision making and action planning.


Test Prioritization

Priority-based regression testing and tracking for effective resource management and communication.

Optimize Your Regression Testing

Compare your current approach to industry best practices and optimize your regression testing processes, tools and frameworks.

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Optimizing Digital Testing for Industry Leaders and Innovators

Provided an Enterprise Testing Solution that packaged Functional, Security, UI, Database, Integration, Compatibility and Automation Testing. Identified and executed over 4,000 testable use cases. Successfully delivered product with “zero” production defects.
QA’d all aspects of the tablet hardware and application involved in the Peloton interactive exercise bike offering. Included 50 test scenarios, end-to-end testing and validation of application and business use cases, covering multiple systems and time frames. Reduced regression testing time by more than half.
Manual and automation testing integrated with CI. Included functional, regression, usability, performance, scalability and vulnerability testing. Performed performance and Load testing with backend and front end test suites. Defined QA activities and deliverables per release, sprint and regression process.

Is Your Regression Testing Optimized?

Compare your current Regression Testing approach to industry best practices with our QE maturity assessment. We leverage an interactive workshop and stakeholder interviews to provide specific recommendations to optimize your regression testing initiatives including processes, tools and frameworks.

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