Regression Testing Services for Digital

Deliver the highest quality digital services; prevent business disruption

Infostretch Regression Testing services assure comprehensive test coverage for your digital portfolio, so you deliver the intended service outcomes for your users.

If your business depends on software, Regression Testing is critical
to your success

For any company that depends on digital, Regression Testing is vital to the quality delivery of services, but doing it effectively can be very challenging:

  • Manual, time consuming processes slow cycle time
  • Errors disrupt production operations and negatively impact customer satisfaction
  • Time pressures heighten complexity as QA teams deal with longer and longer test lists in regression packs
  • Your business colleagues value new product enhancements more than existing quality improvements, making Regression Testing investments a tougher sell
  • Many companies don’t have the right processes & tools in place to automate their Regression Testing efforts

Infostretch optimizes Regression Testing for the digital age

Over its 10+ years, Infostretch has developed extensive experience and expertise in Regression Testing for digital. Our proven best practices and industry-leading tools automate and optimize Regression Testing processes, delivering proper test coverage for your application portfolio, and ensuring that application enhancements deliver the intended outcomes for users.

Optimizing Regression Testing for Industry Leaders and Innovators

Expertise with the Leading Testing Tools & Platforms

Our team has extensive, hands-on experience with the leading tools for automating and optimizing your regression testing processes. We can help you take full advantage of these capabilities to maximize your ROI with them.

“Infostretch has demonstrated experience across the mobile application lifecycle…and deep expertise in the technologies that support our mobile product development.”
Richard Gallagher
Chief Digital Officer
“With customer experience being so critical to us at Vodafone, QA analysis and ensuring an error-free service is crucial. Infostretch, with their ample experience and expertise in this domain, have effectively ensured continuous quality improvements resulting in our customers having a seamless and enriching experience.”
Dhananjay Nath
“Infostretch team helped us to establish QA strategy with onsite and offshore team as well as implemented cddb SDK test automation. We leveraged their QA knowledge and risk-based testing approach to enable quality in our development lifecycle.”
Mickey Mantle
“Infostretch has pioneered all the aspects of providing excellent quality for our products. They have adapted our development environment to a custom Agile testing methodology that has allowed us to quickly build and market our products.”
Pamela Thomas
Director of Digital Quality