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chaos engineering
Infostretch uses DevOps Chaos Engineering to help delivery teams experiment on distributed systems to ready new digital services for production use.

Chaos engineering and testing challenges & solutions
the challenge

Cloud-Native systems are complex distributed systems

In the effort to get new digital services to market faster and more efficiently, it can be difficult to anticipate or recreate every possible condition to ensure proper functionality and performance.

Assuring individual service performance is not enough when dealing with distributed systems running at scale. When individual digital services interact with other services in a distributed system, you often get unpredictable and chaotic outcomes related to network reliability, bandwidth, latency, security, admin requirements and more. This can have disastrous effects for users and IT service administrators.

chaos engineering services
What we do

Seamless Chaos Engineering with the latest digital technologies

Infostretch Chaos Engineering services are an integral part of Progressive Delivery, based on the principle of experimenting with new functionality on distributed systems in order to test its true performance.

It is essentially a controlled experiment for your digital services in production, building confidence in the ability of those systems to function properly in real conditions. This enables delivery teams to address weaknesses proactively, minimizing downtime, fewer SLA breaches, and negative business impact.

Our expertise

With the leading CHAOS ENGINEERING tools & Platforms

Infostretch uses Chaos Engineering to help organizations build fault-tolerant and robust cloud-native applications to accelerate digital transformation.

Our services currently focus on three core areas and tools: