Data Engineering

Transform your organization’s disparate data into actionable intelligence with agile analytics

Infostretch offers a holistic approach to data engineering and analytics that covers all the technical drivers required to fully capitalize on your enterprise data resources.

Enterprises have access to loads of data but most goes unused

It comes in all shapes and sizes — both structured and unstructured forms that include systems of engagement, systems of record, and social media.


But most of that data goes unused by the business for a variety of reasons:

  • New high volume sources — social, public, machine
  • Departmental operations in the cloud — sales, payroll, HR, marketing
  • Changing requirements — new formats, analytics, data visualizations, persona-specific

Agile development and test environments today require a different approach that can take advantage of enterprise data to speed cycle time and drive new operational efficiencies.

See how Infostretch offer a comprehensive approach to “agile” analytics

Infostretch offers that and more – with a full array of data engineering services that cover all the business, financial
and technical drivers you need to capitalize on the wealth of data in your enterprise.

Data Engineering for Industry Leaders and Innovators

Infostretch is putting data to work for leading enterprises

Comprehensive Data Engineering and Analytics Services

A holistic approach to capitalize on your data resources


Cloud DevOps

  • Full CI/CD
  • Ops visibilty and control

Data Science

  • Deterministic Models – Business rules
  • Predictive Models – Machine Learning
  • Recommendation Engines

Application Services

  • Application/Visualization Dev
  • APIs/Gateways
  • Voice Interface
  • 3rd party integrations

ETL Services

  • Batch oriented
  • Micro-batch
  • True Streaming (open socket)
  • Validation


  • Mappings and transforms
  • Cleansing/Tagging
  • Streaming/Batch Aggregations

Storage Optimization

  • Hot/Cold – Tiered storage
  • Document/Search Stores

Expertise with the Leading Data Engineering Tools

Infostretch has extensive, hands-on experience with the leading Data Engineering tools on the market. We can help you take full advantage of these tools to maximize your ROI with them.