Selenium-Based Test Automation

Reduce automation complexity and speed cycle time

Infostretch has developed a Selenium-based test automation framework that will speed your cycle time, improve organizational
agility, and increase the impact of your automation efforts.

Selenium Test Automation is essential for digital, but it’s also complex

As your digital footprint grows, you require a more comprehensive approach to test QA. Automated testing on a device-by-device basis can provide real-world understanding of how customers experience their apps, but it can be very complicated and time-consuming and require dedicated testing experience to account for all the potential variables. The impact is significant:

  • Delayed delivery of important new digital services
  • Higher operational costs
  • Inability to respond to changing needs of the business

See how Infostretch can speed your shift left with Selenium Automation Testing

Infostretch has leveraged its deep experience deploying Selenium to build a test automation framework designed to help companies ‘shift left’ to integrate testing more closely with development to speed cycle time, improve their ability to respond to changing business demands and increase the ROI of their digital initiatives. The framework addresses your test automation challenges with:

  • Reusable test case libraries for all business scenarios
  • Easy integration with the leading test management, continuous integration and automation tools such as Jenkins, Appium, Bamboo, Calabash, Sauce Labs and more
  • Flexible architecture components that scale with your automation needs
  • Complementary tools to support the entire Selenium automation lifecycle

Selenium Testing Services with Infostretch

Build-Test-Deploy automation
Faster cycle time
Built-in automation expertise with proven frameworks
Ability to respond quickly to changes in business demand
Component/data driven automation
More flexible automation processes
Easy updating, reusability and low maintenance
Simplified test case management; easier integration of different tools
Framework that supports test case convergence spanning GUI/WEB/Services
Simplified test case management; easier integration of different tools
Automation framework and tools that abstract complexity
Increased predictability and reliability
Advanced reporting and trend analysis
Cohesive analytics and decision support
Business-driven development and test scripting
Ease of use, less dependence on specialized engineering resources

Speeding Digital Cycle Time with the Infostretch Selenium Framework

Experience with Leading Test Automation Tools and Platforms

In addition to our experience with Selenium, the Infostretch team has also done extensive, hands-on work with other leading test automation tools. We can help you take full advantage of these capabilities in combination with Selenium, or separately, based on your needs.

“They have been there for us whenever we needed them, either to get the specialty skillsets, or the type of people we need when we need them. I think they have worked very well with our project needs.”
Surendra Goel
Co-Founder, Chairman and CTO
“Infostretch has been invaluable in helping us avoid some of the common mistakes when to comes to test automation adoption”
Chris Babcock
“We’re building an automation platform and we wanted the ability to extend that platform through the end of the engagement and beyond. Infostretch has delivered on that and more.”
John Marshall
VP, Software Engineering
“Infostretch is an expert in the field of mobility. Over the years, we have built a very strong partnership with Infostretch where we have looked to them to partner with us in thought leadership around quality for mobility, and around what’s coming next.”
Pamela Thomas
Director of Digital Quality Assurance