Infostretch and Amazon Web Services

An Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS, enabling rapid development, test and deployment in the cloud


Amazon Web Services and Infostretch

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. Millions of customers leverage AWS cloud products and solutions to build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Working together, Infostretch and AWS are helping enterprises leverage the cloud to develop, test and deploy new digital products and services more quickly, flexibly, and efficiently while assuring the highest quality and service levels. We help our clients unearth the full potential of cloud computing and the agility and security that DevSecOpsTest brings to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

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How Our Partnership Benefits You

Infostretch is an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS

Our close collaboration with our AWS partner team brings value to your cloud migration journey at every phase of the project covering design, build, test and delivery. Our goal is to utilize time-tested frameworks, standards and procedures that are instrumental to realize your cloud migration objectives. Our experience and expertise covers broad cross-section of industry verticals such as wearables, digital health, and IoT for the gaming industry to name a few and wide variety of technical domains such as DevSecOpsTest, IoT, and micro-services.

Infostretch AWS Capabilities and Services

  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Platform and Application Migration
  • Database Migration
  • Micro-Services and Serverless Architectures
  • Single Sign-On and Security
  • DevSecOpsTest

Our AWS cloud hosting and software services are primarily focused on architecting and implementing in in the following four key areas: Re-hosting, Re-Platforming, Replacing, and Re-factoring. We help customers plan their migration path to the AWS Cloud based on actual system conditions and criticality to operations by analysing various aspects of their environment including security, networking, reliability and failover, services and support requirements, billing, licensing, transfer cost and 3rd- party tool support.

Our cloud migration plan is focused on identifying the mission and business-critical functions of the customer and relaying that to a delivery roadmap that can produce time-bound expected ROI.

The key pillars of our delivery roadmap include:



Identifying key gaps, challenges and inefficiencies.


On-Time Delivery

Cultivating a culture of “everything-is-delivered-as-a-service.”



Illustrating the value proposition by quantifying business and IT value in monetary terms.


Cloud Factory Model

Gaining upfront visibility on resource, skill, effort and, timeline and risks for the migration.

Our Project Plan

Our project plan for AWS cloud hosting and related software services are classified into three areas: Gap Analysis, Migrate & Adopt, and Sustain & Scale.

The planning process helps customers build collaboration between product-as-a-service, data, and cloud services to take full advantage of the scalability, cost and agility advantages of the AWS platform.

Infostretch helps customers classify their applications on a spectrum of complexity and criticality based on direct impact to business-critical functions.

Example: Monolithic applications can have larger impact due to increased complexity, but by migrating to server-oriented (or server-less) architecture can boost agility and improve business continuity significantly.timelines and risks as they progress on their AWS cloud journey.

Infostretch develops migration plans that cater to each customer’s specific business needs.

Example: Identifying legacy application that require re-hosting, ways to optimize post application migration, data and traffic. By re-platforming portions of the bulky and costly database to a cloud DB, customers can realize big savings on licensing costs and increase agility.

In addition, Infostretch’s cloud factory model and readily available accelerators help customers gain a holistic picture of “what it really takes“ in terms of resources, skills, effort, timelines and risks as they progress on their AWS cloud journey.

AWS Certifications


AWS Certified Solutions Architect


AWS Certified Developer


AWS Certified DevOps Engineer


AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS and Infostretch Better Together

The Infostretch-AWS partnership can help your organization take better advantage of the cloud to accelerate your time-to-market your and increase your agility so you can stay ahead of your customers and your competition. Find out how. Contact us to set-up a call to review and discuss your needs.

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