Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering:
A must cross chasm

Putting Quality Engineering (QE) to work

What is it about?

In any product, the features it delivers matter a lot. But the product’s performance and overall quality of experience are what keeps the user engaged. Businesses gain competitive advantage when they can deliver high quality products while reducing the time-to-market and improving ROI. A leap from QA to QE helps you achieve this goal and in today’s dynamic environment, this leap is imperative.

What is the difference?

Quality Assurance “assures” quality in the process and the product. Quality Engineering “drives” development of quality product and the process.

Quality Teams

Focus on quality right from ideation to commercialization.

Quality Processes

Define, support and implement process such as BDD/TDD, agile, kanban etc.

Quality Tools

Focus on making quality tools driven, enabling DevOps and building test frameworks.

What are experts suggesting?

World Quality Report 2015-16 recommends:
Refocus QA and Testing on customer experience and business assurance
Transform the traditional Test Center of Excellence (TCOE) using agile and DevOps practices to Quality Management Office (QMO)
Make continuous and automated testing a key strategy
Prioritize testing with predictive analytics and continuous feedback
Expand testing team’s skills beyond manual and test automation

Why should you transform?

Delivering high-quality mobile apps in dynamic environment needs new approaches to testing because the clock speed of the dev cycle poses challenges:

Limited time to define proper test requirements

Low confidence on quality during release

No way to incorporate user feedback

Limited targets for manual testing


How will you benefit?

Low Cost

Reduce headcount and make effective use of available resources


Reduce the release time durations. Detect defects early


Cut down manual intervention as much as possible

User Satisfaction

Improve the software quality through optimization