Improving Customer
Engagement with Bots

To succeed, enterprises need to focus on how to leverage this new touchpoint

In the digital age, myriad devices, platforms and formats put the customer
in control of how they want to engage

Bots and augmented reality (AR) are increasingly popular points of contact for consumers.
To succeed, enterprises need to focus on how to leverage this new touchpoint.

Get the customer experience right

of purchases are influenced by customer experience
of customers would spend more on web purchases if it was more convenient
of consumers made purchases on competitors’ sites after poor experiences

Blockchain matters in the digital ecosystem


It streamlines operations

Faster/simpler transfers of data and assets


It improves asset management

Converting tangible assets into digital tokens


It provides a platform for collaboration

Facilitating secured sharing


It reduces risk

Consolidating data into a consistent format

Bots like Alexa and other AR tools complement Blockchain and enhance the customer experience

Five ways Bots improve customer engagement

Interact with users’ surroundings to gain contextual/ relevant info
Imitate human actions
Compare multiple types of
info/ automatically connects with multiple systems
Serve as a visual extension of an organization

Incorporating Bots and AR technologies can pose challenges:


Data, data, data

There must be a vast repository of actions. Without good data, you won’t have good results.


Continuous training

Actions must be trained to work correctly. This takes time, patience and ongoing training.


High levels of automation

Enterprises must be mature and possess significant internal automation capabilities.


Stakeholder involvement

Without 100% commitment, these technologies rarely make it far enough to pay off.

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