Connected Cars:
Driving the Enterprise

New opportunities for auto makers, mobile operators, and mobile manufacturers

The connected car represents an exciting new platform for mobile and car makers.

Mobile operators and application developers are creating a large connected ecosystem around this new ‘smartphone on wheels.’

This infographic looks at the unlimited use cases and huge revenue opportunities that exist in the form of maintenance, service, infotainment, insurance, performance monitoring, security, and more. It also looks at what it will take for companies to capitalize on the opportunity.

Mobile phone operators potential revenue - 2019
Mobile phone operators potential revenue - 2020
Mobile phone operators potential revenue - 2020
Mobile phone operators potential revenue - 2021
Mobile phone operators potential revenue - 2022
Mobile phone operators potential revenue - 2023

Mobile phone operators potential revenue $1.2 Trillion

The Connected Car Ecosystem

Car operators
Car operators

Car makers are pursuing strategic alliances with hardware suppliers to access the infotainment systems they believe the customers will require. Car makers like BMW and GM are offering connected entertainment like Pandora and information services like Google search.

Mobile operators
Mobile operators

Mobile operators have started to launch connected car platforms that allow car makers to customize their connected car system while allowing mobile operators to simply provide connectivity. Google’s Open Automotive Alliance will promote its open-source OS as a platform for in-car technology.

Application developers
Application developers

Mobile operators’ connected platforms are creating an application ecosystem that offers incentives to developers to build apps. Irrespective of what connected car platform gets used. App developers will continue to be the innovative force that enables new experiences in the connected car.

Infostretch Driving the Business Case for the Connected Car

The amount of use cases within the connected car environment is diverse and varied. Infostretch believes the real engine of the connected car experience is the transformation of the vehicle and user data into usable and actionable information.

Leading Automotive Manufacturers’ Repair Provider

Infostretch is helping an automotive manufacturers’ repair and solution provider develop an information system that can deliver vehicle diagnostic data to mobile devices through an Android app, thereby improving the turnaround time for repairs by giving them the power to access this data anywhere.