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Balanced on-shore/off-shore model for CD using Java, Appium, Selenium, & Jenkins

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Our client makes advanced fitness and sleep trackers. The wrist-based trackers and mobile dashboard help people easily incorporate healthy habits into their daily routine.

It leverages four types of sensors in its lightweight, customizable design to calculate steps taken, calories burned and sleep quality, as well as physiological metrics like heart rate. The Body IQ technology automatically captures activities like walking, running and biking as well as sleep.


Real Challenges

Internationalization strategy of our client’s application had its own set of challenges:

  • Need to launch and localize companion app in 4 European countries and 4 languages
  • Required updating app and architecture, testing with all 4 languages on 6 android and 4 iOS devices
  • Prior ad-hoc testing delayed software release
  • Enable BLE communication between software and hardware
  • Data accuracy and consistency issues – sub-optimal UX

Our Approach

Infostretch followed a structural approach in addressing client challenges:

  • Implemented an optimized plan for agile environment
  • 2-week discovery Phase for creating a traceability matrix for localization: UI Screens; server calls; regional content
  • Used QAS to incorporate BDD approach to enable manual QA resources to write automation test cases
  • Developed an automation framework to validate data integrity and UI for incremental builds
  • Balanced on-shore/off-shore model for continuous delivery
  • Used technologies like Java, Appium, Selenium, Jenkins



Reduced turn around time to launch App in other new countries and new languages


Developed 300+ test cases from various user stories across web (Marcomm), iOS and android


Developed 50+ BDDs covering over 160 test cases for iOS and android


Reduced testing time by about 80% for the deprecated pages on Marcomm


Improved data accuracy and consistency through integration testing. Raised over 150+ defects

The Body IQ technology automatically captures activities like walking, running and biking as well as sleep

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