Continuos Integration Accelerates Time-to-Market

Interactive development process enhances agility, cycle time

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International SOS provides medical, clinical, and security advice and assistance to organizations with international travelers or operations.

It has over 10,000 corporate clients and serves many Fortune Global 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Real challenges

International SOS was using a paper based system to manage its client’s responses to pandemic situations.

While International SOS wanted to digitize this entire process, there were several challenges to address:

  • Challenges in creating full set of requirements upfront.
  • To allow definition and configuration of multi-level action plans
  • Difficulty in percolating changes to action plans and medical documents
  • Inability to monitor the current status of the crisis
  • No self-service portal for clients

Our Approach

Infostretch used its extensive application development experience to create an electronic health portal.

To incorporate continuously evolving requirements, Infostretch used Iterative Development methodology. Key highlights of the solution are:

  • Use of iterative development against waterfall model
  • Detailed blueprinting and design phase, created quick prototypes to get approvals
  • Continuous collaboration with subject matter experts
  • Superior coordination among geographically distributed teams
  • Use of robust CI frameworks
  • Deep involvement of QA and UI teams in all discussions


Some of the key benefits of engagement with Infostretch are:
Agility to incorporate continuous feedback into development process
Ability to react quickly and avoid pitfalls without affecting the time-to-market while making effective use of time and effort already invested
Improve collaboration between SMEs and development teams

Infostretch used its extensive application development experience to create an electronic health portal which incorporated continuously evolving requirements

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