Optimizing Search Engine Testing

Structured QA approach reduces test cycle time by 60%

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Our Client is a wireless location-based services company that provides services including global positioning system (GPS) navigation, local search, automotive navigation solutions, mobile advertising, enterprise mobility and workflow automation.

The client intends to optimize the search engine capabilities to enhance end user experience.

Real Challenges

Performance measurement was a major roadblock to client’s initiative of optimizing the search engine SDK and APIs.

Some of the challenges were:

  • Dependency on code check-in to measure the performance resulting in longer testing cycles
  • 2 days of average time to measure performance after code check-in
  • Minor changes to search engine SDK or API significantly increased testing efforts
  • Measure only one region at a time
  • Significant difference in real-life and lab environment results

These challenges led to longer and inefficient testing cycle and thereby severely impacting time-to-market.

Our Approach

Infostretch followed a structural approach to breakdown the issue in smaller problems and solve the issues.

Key highlights of the solution are:

  • Built a custom framework to test search engine SDK and APIs on platforms such as QNX and Android
  • Built a 1-click solution to execute all test cases on multiple platforms for multiple regions and countries
  • Facilitated the ability to test cases in real-time and run tests at unit lest level rather than at code check-in
  • Created a controllable real-life environment such as CPU memory, network conditions etc.
  • Developed a metrics dashboard to monitor and analyze performance issues in real-time


Some of the key benefits of engagement with Infostretch are:
Testing time brought down from weeks to hours
Decrease in the number of coding cycles
Ability to test the code on all platforms and regions
60% savings in testing cycle times
Reduced dependency on expert resources for testing
Increased confidence levels of development and code check-in

Infostretch built a 1-click solution to execute all test cases on multiple platforms for multiple regions and countries

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