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Auto mfg. repair provider leverages Bluetooth

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An automotive manufacturers’ repair information and solution provider increases its productivity by delivering vehicles’ diagnostic data to mobile through an android app.

The United States is the second largest automotive manufacturer in the world producing close to 10 million units every year. The associated repair and maintenance services industry has a competitive landscape and generates 90 billion dollars in annual revenue out of which 80% comes from mechanical and collision repairs. The intense competition in this industry has made it important for the repair and maintenance companies to step up their game in order to stay in business.

Key Achievements

  • Instant access to repair and maintenance information across automotive manufacturers
  • Seamless connectivity to the vehicle leveraging Bluetooth OBDII adapter

Real Challenges

Today, every new vehicle is designed with complex technology that makes mechanical and collision repairs a very time consuming process. There is a great need for efficient tools to streamline and quicken the process.

  • Our client envisioned an information system that could deliver vehicle diagnostic data to mobile devices, thereby improving the turnaround time for repairs by giving these companies the power to access this data anywhere.
  • Our client needed a mobile development partner to develop an app that could offer ultimate portable convenience to operate. This app would shorten repair times, increase traffic, boost efficiency and generate higher revenue.

Our Approach

Infostretch helped the client design, develop, test and launch an easy to use, portable, and intuitive cross platform interoperable solution (“Android Mobile App”) for tablets.


Infostretch developed an app that was able to provide instant access to a single source of accurate, up-to-date Original Equipment (OE)-direct diagnostic, repair, and maintenance information across all the automotive manufacturers covering more than 33,000 engine-specific vehicles. Thus, the entire database of OEM repair information was readily accessible making it easy to identify and diagnose issues for technicians.


Features like pinch-to-zoom were incorporated for technicians to enlarge OEM schematic diagrams, wiring diagrams, illustrations and images. This feature also helped them to read procedures from a distance.


The app was designed to connect to the vehicle via Bluetooth through an OBDII connectivity adapter to automatically read and translate the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This would help complete OEM repair information thereby saving time and ensuring accurate vehicle selection.


The app also read emission related P codes to help provide a diagnostic procedure and display likely causes and fixes. This P code activity could be automatically stored by the VIN for future diagnostic needs.


The logical grid interface with tap-and-go icons were developed to create a crisp display of information and to simplify navigation.


Portable access to OEM diagnostic and maintenance information during repair
Increase in productivity by eliminating the need for a technician to leave the vehicle in order to access a laptop or desktop computer
Repairs meet manufacturer standards thus ensuring higher customer satisfaction and appreciation
Shorter repair times boosts efficiency thus resulting in higher revenue

The outcome was increased productivity through delivering vehicles’ diagnostic data to mobile through an android app.

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