Integrated UI for Connected Car Solution

Creating an elegant new, user interface for connected cars

We created an elegant new, user interface for their connected car experience

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About Comtech Telecommunications

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. designs, develops, produces and markets innovative products, systems and services for advanced communications solutions to a diverse global customer base.

The company plays a unique role in the “connected car” ecosystem, providing many of the critical pieces of connected car infrastructure to auto manufacturers and OEMs.

The Challenges

The connected car represents an increasingly important selling point for automotive manufacturers and is enabling entirely new forms of user experience and brand differentiation.

Comtech had all the backend pieces for the connected car; e.g., 3D map rendering and navigation engines, point of Interest database with a generalized search interface, along with interfaces to ‘connected content’, but they were not integrated into a single application. In order to better demonstrate its technology to prospective customers, the company recognized the need to create a complete reference solution. This would open up whole new revenue channels while enabling its customers to get their offerings to market faster.
But Comtech needed help to make it all work together:
Needed to create an elegant, new user interface that would provide an easily modifiable UI for an automotive navigation system
Needed to integrate the map, search and navigation engines into a unfied application
The application had to be well designed and documented so it could be provided to customers in source form for their own customization
Create a complete documentation package that would make it easy for an automotive OEM or Tier1 supplier to get started building and modifying the application and User Interface
Enable Comtech’s customers to connect their vehicles and systems to the increasing number of new connected services available on the market

Our Approach

Infostretch worked with the Comtech team to develop a new modern user interface which integrated all of its different in-vehicle navigation components.

The sleek new UI, centered around the touch screen interface of the automotive head unit made it easy and intuitive for end-users to search for places, get their details, pin them on the map, and calculate several possible routes for the destination and start a navigation session. Infostretch handled all the UI design, application design along with the development, test and QA, building on the Comtech SDK. The complete connected vehicle offering has opened up a new set of revenue opportunities for Comtech while also retaining the flexibility to customize the features for the different auto brands they sell to. Every brand can have its own user interface and flow. Going forward, Infostretch is developing new services which will link connected cars to connected families for tracking and safety. In addition, Infostretch will be porting the Comtech solution onto the Genivi Demo Platform, an industry-standard development environment used by most automotive OEMs and manufacturers. This allows an OEM to quickly load the prototype application into a Genivi compliant vehicle and road test the technology in a matter of hours- greatly accelerating the sales cycle.


The new integrated application has given Comtech a much better way to promote their connected car solution with automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.
The new UI provides Comtech with a UX that stands out from the competition. By having a full getting started package with easily modified source code, Comtech’s customers are able to get up and running with their prototype solutions in a matter of hours, not days or weeks if they had to perform the integration and design work themselves.

Infostretch is developing new services which will link connected cars to connected families for tracking and safety

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