Bringing Digital Medicine to Market


This digital health company is revolutionizing the Life Sciences industry with digital integrations that enable better treatment insights, optimize patient efficacy and lower care costs.

Bringing Digital Medicine to Market

With more than 540 issued patents and some of the brightest minds in technology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare, this company is one of the first to be approved in the FDA’s new Digital Medicine category. Its technology measures medication treatment adherence, helps physicians improve clinical outcomes, and enables patients to reach health goals more consistently. The technology includes frequently used prescriptions, such as those used in the treatment of chronic illnesses, that are formulated in a manner that offers a number of unique capabilities:

  • sending a signal when they have been ingested;
  • a wearable patch that detects the signal produced and any corresponding physiologic responses;
  • mobile applications to support patient adherence and accuracy in physician communication; and,
  • data analytics to enhance the overall system and its effectiveness.


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Expertise in Digital Services & Industry Leading Tools

Digital medicine to market
Digital medicine to market

Business Goals

Faster Cycle Time

Take full advantage of first-mover advantage

Customer Satisfaction

Ensure product and service quality to build confidence for new innovation in medical therapy

Operational Efficiency

Ensure regulatory compliance, prevent rework, and manage costs throughout the product lifecycle

The Challenge

The company’s flagship product is comprised of ingestible sensors, a small wearable sensor patch, a mobile application, and a provider portal.

Once activated, the product unlocks never before seen insights into patient health patterns and medical treatment effectiveness, leading to more informed healthcare decisions for everyone involved. The product vision was incredibly compelling, but executing on that vision was also an incredible challenge.

The client’s core competence was on the frontend – with breakthrough integrations of technology with medicine and in-patient care.

However, they had several critical needs on the backend to become

  • Regulatory compliance required to bring healthcare products to market
  • Time-to-market challenges that prevented proper discipline across the product lifecycle
  • Short lead times for product launches in multiple geographies
  • Bluetooth (BLE) connectivity across multiple devices

The Solution

Infostretch worked with the client across the entire
delivery lifecycle:

Application Development

Infostretch enabled the mobile application to communicate
continuously via BLE with the Patch worn by the patient. Infostretch also supported the client on several
other development projects including the middleware for the core client application (both Android and iOS),
as well as the web frontend portal for the standard patient application.

Systems Integration & Device Expansion

Infostretch set up a test center to replicate how the systems
would operate and communicate
with each other in real life.

Infostretch also delivered several other critical capabilities
for the client:

  • Difficult BLE connectivity integral to the operation of the Digital Health Feed¬back System.
  • Secure, continuous communication via BLE between the Patch and mobile device and backend
  • Simultaneous testing on various mobile devices.
  • Extension of existing frameworks and tools to include more advanced functionalities.

Software Verification and Validation

Infostretch created an end-to-end process to test and QA the entire service offering across
the entire application lifecycle:

testing of the
mobile app

Automated testing
and QA of the
connection of the
frontend, backend
and middleware

Simulation of
real-life patient
reactions to the

A Delivery Timeline

A Delivery Timeline

Integration and Deployment of Industry Leading Tools

Digital Medicine to Market
Digital Medicine to Market
digital health system integration tools
digital health applicaiton deployment tools
Digital Medicine to Market
Digital Medicine to Market
Digital Medicine to Market
Digital Medicine to Market
Digital Medicine to Market
Digital Medicine to Market
Digital Medicine to Market
Digital Medicine to Market
Digital Medicine to Market

Technical Achievements & Outcomes

Healthcare software testing automation

Faster cycle time

Infostretch worked with Proteus across the entire Discover development lifecycle to deliver Faster cycle time

predictive data analysis in healthcare

Predictive analysis

Automated 1000+
predictive analysis.

Healthcare software testing automation

Testing requirements

Automated over 65% of
testing requirements using

digital health app testing time

Testing time

40% reduction
in app testing time.

About Infostretch

Infostretch leverages a proven combination of technology, processes, and expertise to
help enterprises accelerate the execution of their digital strategy. We deliver faster and more
effectively by unifying expert professional services and best practices with pre-built software
frameworks and products. Our 1,000+ development, testing and integration specialists have deep
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