Meed Banking Club
Meed Banking Club


Development infrastructure
accelerates international expansion

We developed an infrastructure that accelerated their international expansion

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Meed connects a global community and jump starts a new financial revolution.

  • A global financial technology company focused on serving the unbanked and underbanked
  • Targeting a large, growing segment of the world population either unable or unwilling to use traditional financial channels
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to connect a global community to provide highly affordable and accessible financial services based on a predictable fixed annual fee.
Meed’s model is predicated on integrating with multiple banks in multiple countries around the world so that they can work together. Kony provided the technical platform to make that integration possible and Infostretch mapped Meed’s business and operational challenges to the capabilities of the Kony product platform to solve the problem.
Mobile Solution
Mobile Solution
Blue Printing

2 weeks User Stories definition UI/UX Design Technical Design


11 weeks 2 week sprints Iterative UI Design, development, QA


3 weeks Bug Fixing Regression Testing


The Meed mobile app, readily available through app stores, provides an easy, engaging and intuitive suite of financial services, including paperless checking, security savings, lines of credit, unlimited instant domestic and international transfers, and an evolutionary global sharing economy based model called SocialBoost, all for a flat monthly fee of $9.95. Meed’s mission is to create financial inclusion for the growing number of unbanked and underbanked consumers by improving and enhancing their financial health and well being. Meed does not want to be a bank. It does not hold any money. Rather it provides the front end infrastructure, integration and access points needed to connect its customers to a large network of community banks across the world which can process their transactions.
Mobile Solution

Real Challenges

financial services
A business model requiring many-to-many integration in cross-border financial services
Need to ramp and expand quickly
Need to ramp and expand quickly
Develop for multiple platforms
Develop for multiple platforms

August 2013

Kony, an industry leader in mobile application development, started working with Meed to provide the foundational development platform for the Meed application. Meed was looking to create a standardized development infrastructure for its different channels and applications – mobile, native, desktop – to accelerate time to market and ensure maximum flexibility to respond to the unique dynamics of different geographic markets around the world.

July 2014

Infostretch was brought on by Kony to build the phase one version of the application to deliver on Kony’s vision for this highly flexible mobile development platform. The Infostretch team utilized Kony’s open, standards-based tools – Kony Studio for development and Kony MobileFabric for the backend integration. MobileFabric is one of the company’s newest products and Infostretch has been an early adopter and user. In a short span of 8 weeks, Infostretch became the principal development partner responsible for developing the Meed mobile app for consumers. Infostretch had to build for multiple platforms including mobile, native and desktop, and Kony’s market-leading platform made this much faster and easier.
Meed seamless chart Meed seamless chart
Meed seamless chart

The Solution

Infostretch assigned the right mix of Onsite (project manager + technical lead) and Offsite (development, QA and a technical lead) resources to ensure on-time delivery, flexibility and responsiveness for both Kony and Meed.

The Infostretch team leveraged its knowledge of the Kony platform to map its analysis of Meed’s business and operation challenges to the in-depth capabilities of the Kony product. Throughout all three phases, Infostretch and Kony brought best practices and innovative problem solving to ensure the short and long term success of the Meed implementation. The engagement included three different phases:

The Solution
Blue Printing

Blueprinting – 2 Weeks

  • Analysis, user stories/requirements
  • UI/UX design, technical design
  • A series of UI wireframes and a clickable prototype mapped to address different user needs leveraging the Kony platform

Development – 11 Weeks

  • Phase 1 – Leveraged Kony Studio, Visualizer and Mobile Fabric to build in features iteratively along with the backend integration while incorporating various changes along the way
  • Phase 2 – Developed and deployed additional features; fortified existing features – accelerating Meed’s ability to quickly add new functionality as it rolls out into new geographies and adds more banks to its global community.
  • Continued to leverage the deep capabilities of the Kony platform.

UAT – 3 Weeks

  • Bug fixing
  • Regression Testing
Regression Testing


With the help of Kony and Infostretch, Meed is deploying the development infrastructure it needs to connect a global financial community. It has accelerated its time to market and enabled rapid expansion into new geographies while ensuring the flexibility and agility it needs to adjust to changing market dynamics.
Accelerated time to market
Development infrastructure to support rapid growth
Flexibility to adjust to changing market dynamics

“The Infostretch team has been able to adapt, respond, support us and keep us on track all along the way. Their collaborative nature and our ability to tap into their expertise, their understanding of the space, and their experience with other customers has been invaluable.”

Steve Landry COO & Global Head of Technology

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