Bringing Latest Innovation to Healthcare

Customer Overview

Willow is a Silicon Valley-based healthcare startup that has developed a technology-powered platform for products that help improve the lives and health of women.

The company is made up of experienced inventors, young mothers, and fathers dedicated to making a difference in women’s lives.

The company’s first product, the Willow® Wearable Breast Pump, completely re-imagines the way busy moms pump breast milk.

The (only) all-in-one breast pump fits discreetly in a bra, is mobile, and gives multi-tasking moms their hands back so they can pump wherever their day takes them.



Used by more than

60,000 women

One of TIME’S

25 best inventions

CES Best of

Innovation Award

Expertise in Digital Services & Industry Leading Tools

Business Goals

Increased Product Innovation

Increased Product

While meeting all FDA requirements demands

On-Time Delivery


For new product innovations

Highest Levels of Product Reliability

Highest Levels
of Product Reliability

Assuring customer satisfaction

The Challenge

With a combination of innovation and technology, Willow is totally changing the way busy moms pump breast milk. But doing so required considerable expertise in both areas to get the highest quality product possible to market in a timely manner.

The Willow Wearable Breast Pump is a Class C medical device subject
to strict FDA compliance requirements.

In addition to the physical breast pump designed and manufactured by Willow, each of the software and messaging components also had to be developed with functionality and performance fully verified before and after the breast pumps were manufactured. In some cases, Willow was testing functionality that had never been developed before. There were a variety of difficult technical challenges which needed to be addressed in a timely manner, all within tight FDA compliance requirements.

The Solution

Willow learned of Infostretch through its Digital Engineering and IoT work with other emerging companies in the Digital Healthcare Space.

Infostretch started by conducting a thorough analysis of Willow’s functional and application architecture requirements and developing a proof of concept to confirm all QA automation requirements.

From there, the scope of Infostretch’s engagement included a combination of digital engineering and quality engineering:

Solution Overview – Infostretch Engagement


Infostretch solved the difficult software development, performance and testing challenges.

Meaning Willow was able to get their patented digital innovation to market in a timely manner, fully compliant with FDA requirements, with full user functionality.

It was a win for all involved, and especially busy, multi-tasking Moms.

Key Technical Achievements

End-to-End Mobile Application Design and Development

Architectural modification with stability and performance improvements on existing companion app

Application Automation Framework Design and Development

Using an off-the-shelf automation framework faster cycle time

Complete Device Firmware Protocol Test Framework

Developed from scratch; Ready to use for firmware verification on manufactured devices, FDA compliance verification

About Infostretch

Infostretch leverages a proven combination of technology, processes, and expertise to help enterprises accelerate the execution of their digital strategy. We deliver faster and more effectively by unifying expert professional services and best practices with pre-built software frameworks and products. Our 1,000+ development, testing and integration specialists have deep capabilities in DevOps, QE, app development, Cloud, AI, IoT and mobility.