Infostretch and VenueNext

Optimizing the Visitor Experience


VenueNext is transforming the way guests experience every kind of venue, from arenas and concert halls to hotels and hospitals. With the first and only technology platform that brings together a venue’s disparate and isolated operational systems, VenueNext gives guests seamless access to all the value-added services a venue has to offer through their smart devices.

VenueNext’s context-aware technology platform enables venues and facilities to give their fans and visitors everything they need, when they need it, on their mobile device – from location-based offers and alerts, pre-ordering, payment and loyalty rewards, to in-venue content, education, site navigation, visitor feedback, analytics and more.

Enhanced Fan Engagement

Expanded Revenue Opportunities

Faster Cycle Time

How Our Partnership Benefits You

Within each venue or facility there are unique opportunities for mobile engagement and interaction. Infostretch is a preferred VenueNext implementation partner, recognized for our deep expertise in the latest mobile technologies and the backend connections that allow us to fully leverage all the capabilities of the VenueNext platform to elevate fan and visitor engagement and increase the business impact they get from it.

Infostretch has worked extensively on the VenueNext platform to help stadiums, arenas and other facilities customize the user experience according to the unique business opportunities available. We complement the VenueNext team by bringing additional solution capabilities to the various user engagement scenarios and backend integration requirements found in each.

Infostretch can help you take full advantage of the VenueNext platform – and do it faster, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively. Over the last decade, we’ve defined, refined and delivered digital initiatives across industries and regions around the globe, on every leading technology platform

Our Partnership Enables Teams to:


Define, prioritize and deploy all the possible use cases for your unique environment.


Connect VenueNext to existing systems such as ticketing, payment and point-of-sale as well as initiatives like loyalty, customer feedback and analytics.


Drive a rapid cycle of continuous improvement and expansion of the platform to increase your business impact.


Make your internal team more productive.


Take advantage of the latest innovations in mobile, digital and IoT.

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