Infostretch and Sauce Labs

Continuous Integration and Delivery for the Enterprise


Sauce Labs is a leading cloud-based automated testing platform for hybrid and mobile apps. Its secure and reliable testing infrastructure enables users to run JavaScript unit and functional tests written with tools like Selenium and Appium, eliminating the time and expense of maintaining a test grid. With Sauce Labs, enterprises can improve their continuous integration and delivery initiatives, increase developer productivity, and reduce infrastructure costs for software teams of all sizes.

Sauce Labs and Infostretch are making it easier for enterprises to leverage automation strategies such as continuous integration and continuous delivery with their digital applications to shorten software lifecycles, improve quality and service levels and reduce operational costs.

Increase in Test
Automation Coverage

Reduction in
Cycle Time

Reduction in Dev
and Test Costs

How Our Partnership Benefits You

Infostretch is a long-time Sauce Labs partner and has extensive experience working with Sauce Labs in enterprise environments.

Our team is well trained on the Sauce Labs’ product line and has developed a number of best practices using tools like Appium and Selenium to enable users to quickly automate tests for mobile and hybrid apps and write automation scripts for Android and iOS. We can accelerate your continuous integration and delivery efforts by enabling you to take full advantage of Sauce Labs’ unique capabilities.

The combination of Infostretch and Sauce Labs will help your organization integrate the efforts of your dev and QA teams, close the gap between code check in and deployment and automate more of your regression and smoke testing.

Our Partnership Enables Teams to:


Sauce Connect

Leverages Sauce’s secure tunneling technology to support testing of pre-production apps, APIs and back-ends.



Provides a complete set of analysis tools, including video, screenshots, logs and metadata so you can pinpoint where your native and hybrid mobile apps fail.


Universal Test Coverage

Tests across web applications, real mobile devices, mobile emulators and simulators to maximize test coverage.


Sauce Plugins for Popular CI Systems

Enhances continuous integration workflows with better insights into each software build and test processes.

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