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Quantum Leaps with Forward Thinking

Quantum Leaps with Forward Thinking

Yes, we’ve made quantum leaps. We’ve certified more than 60,000 applications and have proved our operational scalability over and over. Our teams in the US and in India have more than doubled, and we continue to add new talent to our family. We have more than 150+ active engagements, 80+ active customers across the world, and we continue to be profitable.

These strides would not have been possible without InfoNeersTM who are relentlessly working on the mission to become “numero uno”. I want to congratulate each and every one of my InfoNeer-Spartans who heads to the battlefield with only one goal – to WIN. InfoNeers not only work with a result in mind but also make their best efforts to give back to the community. Just last month, our employees lead the charge by making a trip to Jeevan Sandhya, an old age home in Ahmedabad, India and spending time with residents. I am very touched by their dedication to rise above daily tasks and strive towards a greater cause.

We have bigger plans to hit milestones in 2012 and to prove that we deliver to our plan with a vision and execution strategy. We’ve expanded our offerings in Enterprise & Mobile QA, Mobile Certification, and Mobile Sustenance across several popular verticals such as healthcare, banking, travel, hospitality, government, and education.

We will be launching our new breakthrough Mobile product, MobiXpertTM, a virtual mobile testing platform. This will enable developers to perform any type of test (simple or complex) on their application, on a plethora of devices, across multiple platforms and geographies seamlessly. MobiXpert will be a fully self-serviced on-demand portal, which will combine our expertise in QA and mobile testing to bring you a solution with a large pool of certified engineers working towards testing your solution. More details to be announced soon.

Thank you, Rutesh Shah, CEO

Upcoming Webinars

The Infostretch mobile gurus will share some tricks of the trade to tell you how fast and seamless the mobile testing process can be. Our expert Daman Singh will share his experience from the field and talk about how we’ve mastered this art by testing thousands of these applications In this session with him, you’ll learn:
  • The importance of mobile testing in the app to market lifecycle
  • Wisely selecting a subset of devices from the universe of devices available
  • Acquiring the devices – crowd, lease or buy
  • Understanding the domains of mobile testing you should focus on for your type of application
  • Understanding the difference in testing different types of applications in HTML5, native, hybrid and cross platform
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All Things Selenium – Our Presentation at StarEast 2012

When: Thursday, April 19th at 11:15am-12:15am EDT If you’re at the StarEast Conference, don’t forget to attend our session on Selenium Automation by Sivakumar Anna, Director of Enterprise Servicesat Infostretch. He will be presenting his thoughts on how Infostretch has evolved its best practices in this automation framework to maturity. He will talk about the different features that this framework offers and will walk through the different readymade components. He will also share some real-life scenarios where some complex Selenium implementations have been a huge success. Some of the benefits that the Infostretch framework can provide you: 1) Faster ROI and shorter implementation cycle 2) High quality automation code 3) State-of-the-art reporting mechanism 4) Reduced maintenance overhead If you’re not attending the StarEast Conference, but would still like to learn more about about our Infostretch Selenium Framework. View our webinars >>

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