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International SOS readies pandemic health portal with Infostretch

International SOS readies pandemic health portal with Infostretch

Forrester, Infostretch and International SOS explain Iterative Development in free webinar

Infostretch Corporation has developed an e-health portal with International SOS (ISOS), the world’s leading medical and travel security company, designed to keep employees safe during pandemics and other health incidents.

“The Enterprise Health Security Center allows organizations to manage a wide range of local, regional and global health threats for their worldwide operations,” said Tim Daniel, Executive Vice President at International SOS. “It guides them to take appropriate action to mitigate dangerous scenarios by selecting and adopting action plans that will keep their people safe. The Enterprise Health Security Center is integrated into International SOS’ global assistance infrastructure, which gives members advice, tactical support and access to thousands of medical professionals worldwide.”

The portal was developed using Iterative Development, an agile development methodology that involves initial blueprinting followed by multiple development iterations and constant user feedback. It allows development teams to react quickly to evolving requirements.

In a special webinar, Infostretch and International SOS, along with guest John M. Wargo, a Principal Analyst at Forrester responsible for Application Development and Delivery Professionals, will explain the process of Iterative Development. They will highlight how the process worked for International SOS as well as explain broader application development trends.

Details of webinar

What: Iterative Development from Soup to Nuts

When: Wednesday 20th January at 11:00 AM PT / 2:00PM ET


  • Tim Daniel, Executive Vice President at International SOS
  • John M. Wargo, Principal Analyst at Forrester
  • Sanil Pillai, Director of Enterprise Mobile Solutions at Infostretch


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