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Mobile App Testing and QA present huge challenges for Enterprises

Mobile and digital present a whole new set of requirements and challenges for software delivery teams today, especially in the areas of QA and test management. And recent research, captured in the report on The Impact of Digital Transformation on Testing & QA, suggests that many enterprises may not be prepared for the expanded complexity and scope involved.

According to the report, there has been a dramatic shift in priorities as enterprises try to adjust to the needs of mobile and digital. Almost 80% of those surveyed are trying to adopt best practices for DevOps and Agile. 59% are looking at AI and machine learning to help anticipate defects. 58% are investigating cloud-based testing to reduce operational costs, and 51% are adding new capabilities around testing new IoT and smart devices.

But even those companies with advanced QA and testing foundations in place still struggle with the challenges involved with mobile testing, including:

  • Multiple technology platforms, OS’s, and devices
  • New network connections and carriers
  • Managing app distribution
  • More compressed cycles
  • Expanding use case
  • Growing test backlogs
  • Poor automation coverage
  • System integration
  • User experience testing and feedback
  • Performance
  • Security

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We’ve specialized in mobile since our founding 10+ years ago and offer a highly effective approach to mobile testing and QA based on proven best practices. Our services and solutions have been validated in leading enterprises and delivered across four continents and in 25 different languages.

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Pamela Thomas
Director of Digital Quality Assurance
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Steve Landry
COO & Global Head of Tech
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Surendra Goel
Co-Founder, Chairman and CTO
“With customer experience being so critical to us at Vodafone, QA analysis and ensuring an error-free service is crucial. Infostretch have effectively ensured continuous quality improvements resulting in our customers having a seamless and enriching experience.”
Dhananjay Nath