IoT Development Services

Accelerate existing IoT initiatives; fast track new use cases

Infostretch offers full-stack IoT engineering and development services to leading enterprises and emerging innovators

IoT creates tremendous business opportunities – as well as technical challenges

IoT creates exciting opportunities for new business models, process efficiencies and improved forms of engagement. But to take advantage, delivery teams must navigate a variety of development considerations:

  • Unproven software functionality and use cases
  • A plethora of new devices, networks and sensors
  • New communication protocols and complex integration scenarios
  • Industry-specific compliance and security requirements

Infostretch puts the opportunity in IoT within reach

Our end-to-end IoT engineering services enable clients to design and build connected devices and applications using the latest tools and development methodologies.

We work with the largest chipset manufacturers to early-stage disruptors in healthcare and connected cars to convert analog-based use cases to digital using sensors, IoT chipsets, firmware development and create full-stack infrastructure (Web, Mobile, Cloud, Analytics) around it.

Our IoT development services include:

  • Hardware engineering teams to create prototypes
  • Firmware development using protocols such as BLE, Zigbee, WiFi, RFID, NFC, and more
  • Companion or stand-alone mobile app development
  • Lab-As-A-Service
  • IoT Cloud development using Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud for data collectionor business scenario management
  • Specialized IoT platforms based on customization requirements
  • Digital Twins for remote devices for smoother management, monitoring and support
  • Conversion of IoT-based data collection into actionable insights
  • Integration with various enterprise systems
  • Protocol-based testing and end-to-end Test Automation

Customer Success

Our digital services are trusted by over half of the Fortune 100 helping them with their most difficult digital challenges. See below our key success stories in IoT Development Services

Creating next gen technology solutions for Intel

Accelerating a path to digital banking & competitive differentiation

Helping Clients Leverage the Opportunity IoT Across Multiple Verticals


Health Tech


Consumer IoT

basis - John Marshall
“We’re building an automation platform and we wanted the ability to extend that platform through the end of the engagement and beyond. Infostretch has delivered on that and more.” John Marshall VP, Software Engineering
John Marshall
VP, Software Engineering
comtech tcs
“Infostretch is an intelligent partner; someone I can count on to create new value and add new dimensions to our products.”
Craig Peddie
Director of Products
“They have been there for us whenever we needed them, either to get the specialty skillsets, or the type of people we need when we need them. I think they have worked very well with our project needs.”
Surendra Goel
Co-Founder, Chairman and CTO
“Infostretch’s team efforts have led the creation of a truly innovative healthcare product and an exciting innovation in a new age of service delivery. We are getting close to 1,000 customers now and feedback is coming in real-time from our users, which has been very positive.”
Gopal K. Chopra
ping md
“This release has been a fulltime and stressful process. We, at pingMD feel confident that we have a very appealing and complete product. This would not have been possible without Infostretch’s hard work.”
Alex Veilleux
Senior Vice President