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So what exactly is DTV?

Sometimes if what you're looking for doesn't exist, you just have to go and create it yourself.
If you've ever felt like there is no single place you can go to for intelligence on digital transformation, you're not alone.

So, we fixed that and did all the heavy lifting for you.

Infostretch is proud to be sponsoring DTV – a YouTube channel for digital transformation intelligence. We are gathering some of the brightest minds in digital transformation, from strategy to tech - and we'll be putting them through their paces to deliver to you the best intelligence on digital transformation.

DTV is The Digital Transformation Channel, focused on the current and future technology trends of software development and delivery, including Digital Strategy, Digital Development, DevOps, Quality Engineering, Cloud, IoT, Data Analytics and Mobility. DTV interviews industry experts, Fortune 1000 companies and leading technology providers to give you a 360-degree view of digital transformation.

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