Continuous Testing Services

Optimize testing in CI/CD pipelines for greater agility, efficiency and quality

Continuous testing
Infostretch puts the systems, processes and automation in place to optimize quality at every phase of your digital development lifecycle.

Continuous testing in CI/CD pipelines
the challenge

Digital demands continuous improvement

A constant stream of new digital offerings from start-ups and improved offerings and upgrades from incumbents threaten your customers’ loyalty every day. Without the ability to get new digital services to market more quickly while assuring optimal performance, functionality and quality, your business risks losing customers, market share and profits.

To offset these risks, companies must enhance their software delivery processes by: reassessing the entire testing and QA process, optimizing each phase of the testing cycle, integrating testing with development and operations, automating testing activities, and utilizing the latest software test and QA tools and techniques, including artificial intelligence.

Our methodology

how we do it

Our Expertise
with the leading Continuous Testing tools

Our team has extensive, hands-on experience deploying and leveraging the leading Continuous Testing tools on the market. We can help you take full advantage of all their capabilities.

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Continuous Testing Services