Continuous delivery services

Accelerate your release cycles and stay ahead of the competition

continuous delivery services
Infostretch can help your organization make Continuous Delivery a core part of your Agile and DevOps strategy so you can bring production-ready code to market faster, more efficiently, and with less risk.

continuous delivery for DevOps
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Meet the Need for Speed

Continuous Delivery of software code is the foundation of business agility in the digital age. It enables enterprises to meet increasing customer demand for new software-based solutions and services while creating significant cost and time efficiencies across the entire development lifecycle.

It is enabled through the development pipeline which provides three key components: Visibility – of all aspects of the delivery system for all team members to promote collaboration, Fast Feedback – for quick resolution of problems, and Continuous Deployment – via a fully automated process.

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With leading Continuous Delivery platforms
Infostretch has extensive experience with both open source and proprietary tools to support and accelerate your Continuous Delivery services. We can help you select the right tools for your environment and team.





We’re building an automation platform and we wanted the ability to extend that platform through the end of the engagement and beyond. Infostretch has delivered on that and more.
John Marshall
VP, Software Engineering
They have been there for us whenever we needed them, either to get the specialty skillsets, or the type of people we need when we need them. I think they have worked very well with our project needs.
Surendra Goel
Co-Founder, Chairman and CTO
Infostretch is an intelligent partner; someone I can count on to create new value, and add new dimensions to our products.
Craig Peddie
Director of Products
Infostretch is an expert in the field of mobility. Over the years, we have built a very strong partnership with Infostretch where we have looked to them to partner with us in thought leadership around quality for mobility, and around what’s coming next.
Pamela Thomas
Director of Digital Quality Assurance
As a startup working on a new mobile platform, there is a lot of customization and change in direction that takes place as we go through our development phase. Infostretch has been able to adapt, respond, support us and keep us on track all along the way. Their collaborative nature, understanding of the space, and experience with other customers has been invaluable.
Steve Landry
Coo & Global Head Of Tech
Infostretch has demonstrated experience across the mobile application lifecycle…and deep expertise in the technologies that support our mobile product development.
Richard Gallagher
Chief Digital Officer