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Infostretch is helping enterprises gain real value from their Cloud Engineering efforts

Cloud Engineering Services
Infostretch helps organizations take full advantage of today’s cloud native capabilities for acceleration, scalability, reliability, agility and efficiency in their digital business initiatives.

Cloud Engineering Solutions
What we do

Cloud Engineering Solutions leveraging the latest digital technologies

Cloud native computing takes advantage of many modern techniques, including PaaS, multi-cloud, microservices, agile methodology, containers, CI/CD, data engineering, IoT, AI and machine learning at the next level.

Utilizing our expert team means: easy, accelerated pace of development by leveraging loosely coupled architecture – microservices architecture patterns, use of best suited languages and frameworks, massively scalable, reliable, fault tolerance and secure, pay-per-use model for cost optimization, implementing DevSecOps processes and tools, taking advantage of serverless services and leveraging benefits of CI/CD automation and Agile DevOps.

Our methodology

how we do it

Our expertise
Leverage our Cloud Engineering Services

Our cloud engineering services expert team can get your cloud up and running without disrupting your delivery efforts.

These include:

Cloud Build & Modernization
Cloud Build & Modernization
  • Monolithic to Microservices architecture implementation and deployment
  • Adoption of serverless architecture
  • Intelligent automation
  • Implementation of Agile DevOps
  • Data analytics through cloud services

Cloud Security & Compliance
Cloud Security & Compliance
  • Data privacy and security
  • Attacks prevention and mitigation
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • End point security
  • Security monitoring and alerts
  • Logging and audit capabilities

Cloud Strategy
Cloud Strategy
  • Defining road map for cloud transformation
  • Identification of right cloud approach (public, private and hybrid cloud)
  • Right cloud type – IaaS, SaaS, PaaS
  • TCO optimization

Cloud Management & Governance
Cloud Management & Governance
  • Configuration management
  • Infrastructure as a code
  • Access management
  • Continuous monitoring of operational metrics
  • Cost optimization
  • Backup and Disaster recovery strategy
  • License and asset management

Cloud Migration
Cloud Migration
  • Roadmap for on-premise to cloud
  • Data and server migration

Helping Dev Teams take full advantage of Azure and AWS
Development Partner

The Infostretch team helps customers utilize Azure through an end-to-end development experience – coding, debugging, deployment, and monitoring and management – with integrated tools and DevOps. We also set up automated continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to deliver new features faster – while maintaining uptime and high performance.

Advanced Consulting Partner

Infostretch is part of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) on a consulting basis. We leverage our expertise on the AWS platform to help customers capitalize on all of the advantages of a cloud engineering infrastructure. Our testing tools can be easily hosted on, and integrated with the AWS platform to help manage testing processes, accelerate test automation, and leverage.

“Infostretch is an intelligent partner; someone I can count on to create new value, and add new dimensions to our products.”

Craig Peddie Director of Products