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Streamline the build, test and integration of intelligent conversation applications into your business

Chatbots & Voicebots Development
Infostretch can help your business harness the power of AI-powered Voice and Chatbots to optimize customer experience and engagements in revolutionary ways.

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the challenge

Chatbot development and Voicebot applications are more connected than ever

Applications and devices are more connected than ever, enabling a number of high-impact use cases for new AI-powered Voice and Chatbots.

Many companies struggle to take advantage due to the lack of a well thought out strategy that leverages these technologies to deliver business value, complex integration requirements with existing enterprise platforms and systems, inability to automate device testing which slows delivery cycle time considerably and a number of unique factors and testing requirements; e.g., intent, language, response validation, etc.

The solution
Leverage AI-powered Voice and Chatbots Development

The Infostretch digital engineering team can help you approach your concept to deployment using Agile practices and Cloud Native Development. Some of these include:

Intelligent Assistance Chatbots
Intelligent Assistance

Get more intelligent interactions by expanding capabilities

data sharing
Data Sharing

Easy, rules-based data distribution for learning and adaptation

ai chatbot development
Customer Activation

Deliver push notifications and exclusive offers to customers

Chatbot and Voicebot-based payments
Contactless Payments

Chatbot and Voicebot-based payments

Comparison Reporting
Comparison Reporting

Relevant data and real-time updates through simple reporting apps and displays

Chatbot Personalization
Personalized Experience

Engage with consumers by name and know their preferences

chatbot for ecommerce retailers
Integrated Commerce

Enable purchase directly from social media with integrated payment systems

Algorithm Refinement
Algorithm Refinement

Learn and adapt the algorithm to improve the results or expand the function set

Relevant Content
Relevant Content

Create additional sales from insight-driven suggestions on related items

Data Capture and Display
Data Capture and Display

Multi-touchpoint data gathering and analysis; presented in one easy to use application, giving users immediate access

Data Comparison
Data Comparison

Collect the data and compare the results over a period of time and align them with similar use cases to help improve results and sentiment

Our methodology

how we do it


Proof of Concept
Design Interaction Flows
Tools & Framework Selection
Integration Strategy


User-Centric Design
Feature Definition
Architecture Design
Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant Integration
Building BOTs from Scratch
Building Interfaces with Existing Systems: Enterprise, Social, External


Intent Validation
Response Validation
Functional, Stress, Security Testing
Test Automation
Integration Testing
Ground-Truth Validation
Minimum Viable Product