Getting the Most out of Mobile Automation with Appium

Digital applications require quality at speed. But as a lot of enterprises are finding, that’s easier said than done. When we talk to organizations, we find they have an accurate idea of their strategic goals, but where it gets complicated is the practical requirement needed to execute on those goals.

We’re often called in to help enterprises get unstuck in their efforts to accelerate digital initiatives or create a “shift left” QE process. Their needs at this juncture differ widely depending on dev and test maturity, the toolsets in use and of course what they’re trying to achieve. Therefore, as you’d expect, our analysis is tailored to their individual situations… except for one thing. I can’t remember a situation where we haven’t advised enterprises to automate more of their mobile and digital testing.

It seems we’re not alone! Forrester has a great line in The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Front-End Test Automation Tools, Q2 2016 report that sums it all up. When trying to deliver quality mobile moments faster, the report says, “There’s only one answer: automate, automate, automate.”

So with that advice in mind, we wanted to highlight a really useful, practical two-day session taking place at the Techwell Mobile Dev & Test conference in San Diego, CA next week specifically aimed at increasing effectiveness with mobile automation testing.

Practice makes perfect, as they say, and here’s a great chance to come along, brush up on your skills, ask questions, meet like-minded software testers and practice, practice, practice. There’ll be a live demonstration using one of the most popular mobile automation testing tools out there, Appium, and we’ll be using the Sauce Labs’ test infrastructure with continuous integration via Jenkins.

The workshop is run by one of our leading QA/QE supremos, Sivakumar Anna, who has more than twenty years’ experience in helping Fortune 500 enterprises develop test automation strategies and execute them. We’re keeping the session focused on getting the most out of it for software testers designing or deploying mobile automation implementations. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • Get an overview of the different tools and technologies around Appium
  • Set up and configure details for various types of mobile applications – hybrid, native, and mobile web
  • Understand the different Appium locator strategies supported
  • Write test cases using Java and popular frameworks
  • Learn the tips and tricks to solve real practical challenges
  • Extend automated scripting to run against Sauce Labs cloud
  • Integrate automation scripts with tools such as Sauce Labs via Jenkins continuous integration.

We hope to see you there. Register today!

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