AI-Powered Predictive Bots to Optimize Test & QA Processes

Accelerate every phase of your test cycle

Infostretch pre-configured bots automate key portions of your test cycle to help speed and optimize testing and reduce risk.

Digital requires increased levels of automation

For many enterprises, test and QA processes can be a bottleneck for software delivery. A lack of automation capability, test case backlogs, resource constraints, and the inability to put best practices into action consistently are some of the primary reasons

See how Infostretch offers intelligent BOTS to optimize your test cycles

Our pre-configured, AI-powered bots can accelerate your entire test cycle and help automate a much larger part of your test footprint:

“Competitive pressures are driving enterprises to push new innovations faster to market. With increasing adoption of Agile and DevOps, traditional software testing processes are not able to scale. By deploying AI-powered BOTs for test automation, organizations can now focus more on delivering superior customer experiences rather than solving everyday testing challenges.”
Ed Hein
Manager, Digital Verification and Validation
“Enterprises are looking to AI to exploit the wealth of data found in various levels of their IT organizations, whether at the software development level, or on the production side. With AI, they have an untapped opportunity to better identify where defects lie, increase the quality of applications, and ultimately improve the UX of end-users, customers, and other stakeholders.”
Dominique Raviart
IT Services Practice Director