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Infostretch helps enterprises chart a path to more Agile development and test organizations.

agile transformation challenges
the challenge

Software delivery efforts need to be more agile than ever

Agile Transformation Services have become imperative for development and testing to meet core requirements for any company that depends on software-based services and products to serve its customers (and employees).

While adoption may be high, the maturity levels of companies’ initiatives vary widely. And many organizations still have a long way to go to be Agile enough. The question is what is Agile enough and what is the best path to get there?

agile transformation consulting
What we do

Accelerate your agile evolution with the latest digital technologies

Enterprises need to adapt to the new digital realities of the business world. This involves assessing your current maturity levels, identifying key short- and long-term opportunities in Agile, optimizing Agile adoption, planning integration of Agile with other software delivery initiatives and recommending the right tools and solutions to accelerate your Agile efforts.

Our team has helped delivery organizations through Agile consulting to transform the way they design, develop and test digital initiatives to deliver them faster and more efficiently while delivering higher service levels.


END-TO-END Agile transformation services

agile maturity assessment
Agile Maturity

agile transformation roadmap
Agile Roadmap/

agile transformation tools selection

agile transformation operations capabilities

agile time to market
Time to Market

ROI of agile transformation

Agile Transformation Benefits

“Infostretch has been invaluable in helping us avoid some of the common mistakes when it comes to test automation adoption.”
Chris Babcock
Chief Technology Officer
“I would use three words to describe Infostretch – responsive, flexible and engaged.”
Stephen Landry
COO and Global Head of Technology
“Infostretch has pioneered all the aspects of providing excellent quality for our products. They have adapted our development environment to a custom Agile testing methodology that has allowed us to quickly build and market our products.”
Pamela Thomas
Director of Digital Quality
“Infostretch’s core competency in Agile combined with their ability to be dynamic and reactionary allows us to be very successful. Infostretch team members that work for us are just spectacular. Absolutely dedicated to our business goals in a way that’s unusual amongst our partners.”
Eric Hensley
Vice President
“Flexibility is the one word I would use to describe Infostretch – their ability to be diverse in core competencies and stitch them together appropriately.”
Sameer Vuyyuru
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Location Based Services