Data Engineering

Advanced Analytics Services to Accelerate Digital Initiatives

Turning all your digital data into maximum business value

Advanced Analytics Services
Infostretch brings art and science to data analytics to help enterprises gain maximum value from complex data ecosystems.

Advanced Analytics Services
The Challenge

In digital, data is power – but only if you can take advantage of it

Enterprises today have access to enormous amounts of data, but the ability to put it to work for the benefit of the business is constrained by increasing complexity, limited skill sets, and ill-equipped infrastructure.

Advanced Analytics Services
What we do

Advanced Analytics Services through the latest digital technologies

We cover all the business, financial and technical aspects of data to help you gain the insights needed to accelerate product life cycles, improve resource allocation, and increase operating efficiencies.

Our teams tailor the sophisticated solutions to your needs, leveraging both on-premise and cloud infrastructure.

Our offering


Infostretch covers the full range of analytics capabilities and use cases to enable enterprises to fully capitalize on their data assets. Specific services include but are not limited to:

End-to-end test strategy and framework
Cloud Readiness and Enablement
of Data Ecosystems
Infostretch can help you define and execute a clear path for deploying your data ecosystems on a cloud infrastructure for maximum flexibility and scalability. This includes strategy, technology and migration.

Enterprise integration test strategy for Advanced Analytics Services
Data Management
Our team leverages its rich experience handling the five V’s – volume, velocity, variety, veracity and value – to turn data into a strategic asset, helping you to manage data overload.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing frameworks
Smart Data
Analytics Applications
As part of our Advanced Analytics Solutions, we create smart applications for data provisioning, visualization and design, and integration of multiple services for fast consumption and analysis.

Our difference
Comprehensive Advanced Analytics SERVICES

The Infostretch team has hands-on experience across a range of data analytics use cases.

These include:

Advanced Analytics for field services
Smart Data Apps

Get smart applications working for your business needs to use data of any scale, type and nature. Set up notifications for any data anomalies with monitoring and alarm systems. There is always a specific technology, architecture and families of NoSql which can serve your business needs.

Advanced Analytics solutions for retail
Data Lakes and Data Warehouse

Store structured or unstructured data at any scale in a centralized location for consumption by different data personalities. Store as-is in nascent form and run different types of analytics-from dashboards and visualizations to big data processing, real-time analytics, and machine learning – to guide better decisions for the business.

Advanced Analytics services for entertainment/sports
Real-time Analytics (CDC)

Real time analytics is the next big thing. Utilize the latest architectures and technologies to leverage real-time decision making and capture the latest changes to enable updated decision-modelling.

Advanced Analytics services for financial services
Personalized Data Analysis Workbenches

Leverage technology accelerators to establish custom data workflows specific to domain and business. Integrate organizational authentication systems and implement specific data policies and business rules. Create custom, end-to-end data pipes from source to visualization in an easy to operate manner.

Advanced Analytics services for financial services
Graph-Based Data Analytics

Don’t lose the context of data while making a decision. Graph analytics bring data to life and maintain the essence of data relationships. Operate at speed and scale and get contextual insights better suited for complex business data.

Advanced Analytics services for financial services
Customized Data Science Workbenches

Use Infostretch platforms to implement data science algorithms to processed data. This frees data scientists to put aside DevOps and data engineering complexities so they can focus directly on pattern identifications and statistical learning.

Advanced Analytics services for financial services
Domain-Based Automations and Orchestrations

Let the system work for you and not vice versa. Infostretch can automate your complex data ecosystems to make them work for you. With deep experience in sophisticated data-ops, we can automate all manual configurations and orchestrations out of the system and make it simple for you to operate and manage it.

Our methodology

how we do it