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Infostretch: Getting Ahead of the Three Most Disruptive Forces in Banking
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Integrating Test Automation into Your Salesforce Environment
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By Sivakumar Anna of Infostretch and Jeff Pigatto of Saggezza
3 Reasons to Embrace Cloud Computing
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Why Salesforce.com Testing is Critical – and How to Do it
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Improving Resiliency by Creating Chaos
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An AI Road Map Starts With Data
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Three Ways Failure Should Be Used To Succeed In The Digital World
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Making mistakes and learning from each one defines the solid foundation of…
Integration: Still the Achilles Heel of E-Commerce Platforms
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How to Root Out Software Failures Using End to End Testing
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When software unexpectedly fails, the consequences for businesses are huge.
The Rise of the Centralized Virtual Care Hub
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During the pandemic, any health service that could go virtual, did.
Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Cancer Survival Rates?
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Research like this hints tantalizingly at broadscale rollouts of AI in the…
Data is Redefining the Patient Experience and Driving Revenue in Healthcare
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According to IDC, data in healthcare is expected to grow at a…
Do MQLs Render MarTech Null and Void?
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Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) have been the focal point of B2B marketing…
Why Do Enterprises Outsource Analytics?
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RPA vs. Cognitive Automation: What are the Key Differences?
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Harness Agile Analytics to Turn Big Data into Big Business
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Despite Arthur Conan Doyle’s words, making bricks without clay is the way…
Driving the Patient Centric Care Revolution
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How Data is Transforming Healthcare for Patients, Providers and Payers
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Delivering Healthcare In The “Amazon Prime” Age
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Are people who use health services patients, or are they health consumers?
7 Rules for Faster Releases with Containerized CI/CD
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9 Techniques for Fixing Bugs in Production
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How Migrating to the Cloud Accelerates Digital Transformation
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Infostretch: Philanthropy During Covid-19
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2020 – The year that has changed the entire world.
7 Signs it’s Time to Kill an IT Investment
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Knowing when to pull the plug on a failing IT investment before…
7 Steps to AI Success
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Demand for artificial intelligence is growing, but success...
The path to sustainable and reliable business partnerships
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Manish Mistry of Infostretch: “Expect a change in the role of digital currencies in the retail world”
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Advances in autonomous driving and drone technologies will be...
The Future of Retail In The Post Pandemic World
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Savvy Enterprises Can Mimic Success of Cognitive AI in Healthcare
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How to Stay Agile With a Globally Distributed Workforce
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Seven Signs Your Digital Transformation Is Stalling, And What To Do About It
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Just saying the words “digital transformation” doesn’t make it real.
Should AI Be Part of Your Digital Transformation Strategy?
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Digital transformation strategies are common, but many enterprises...
Why CIOs Need to Establish an Automation CoE
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With organizations continuing to automate business processes across several departments at a…
The personal touch
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Whether it’s an email or a call, I try to leave room…
Optimize Performance, Cut Costs with AWS Autoscaling Services
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A very easy (and free) way to get the get your money’s…
Chaos Engineering: Withstanding Turbulence in Software Production
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Navigating safely through these stormy waters will ensure greater...
Rutesh Shah: “Be the change you want to see in the world”
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I strongly believe that success is transitionary and cannot be sustained if…
DevOps: Mastering the Human Element
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Manish Mathuria said "Employee engagement is one of the most critical factors…
How to Achieve AWS Security in 10 Steps
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5 Things You Need To Know To Successfully Manage a Remote Team
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Continuous Testing Isn’t Optional Anymore
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How The Health Crisis Has Changed The Digital World Permanently
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Three Technologies That Healthcare Turned To in 2020
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The 5 Trends that are Shaping Healthcare in 2020
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Mitigating Security Risks To Build A More Resilient, Future-Proof Way Of Working Remotely
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VC Funding for Fintechs is Down: Will COVID-19 Kill Startup Innovation?
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SVBJ reveals Women of Influence class of 2020
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Why The Healthcare Industry Is Ripe For Digital Disruption
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Women Of The C-Suite: “Even the best ideas have a shelf life”
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Five Tips For Working Effectively Across Borders And Cultures
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5 Things You Should Do To Create a Fantastic Work Culture
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I believe that a CEO’s role is not only to strategize, manage…
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Chat with Us Chatbots and Virtual Assistance Gain Traction among Enterprises
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Customer Education Through DTV, the Digital Transformation Channel on YouTube
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Why Your Customer isn’t #1 in the Service Industry
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5 Key Drivers for Software Testing in 2018
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Driving the digital change. QMetry explores some major drivers…
Quality Engineering: The Challenges of Digital Transformation in Healthcare
News  May 1, 2018
Digital transformation means different things to different industries…
Infostretch Launches Jenkins 2.0 Plugin to Accelerate DevOps Pipelines
News  February 15, 2018
Infostretch, a provider of digital solutions for enterprises, has announced the release…
AI and Machine Learning to Optimize Software Testing
News  March 23, 2018
Testing/QA in an agile environment is one of the most common and…
Infostretch Introduces ASTUTE AI Testing Suite
News  March 14, 2018
Infostretch introduced ASTUTE, an AI-powered quality engineering suite, comprised of intelligent testing…
Infostretch releases AI-powered software testing suite
News  March 14, 2018
Infostretch has announced the release of ASTUTE, a quality engineering…
Infrastructure and Configuration as Code come to the CI/CD rescue
News  January 22, 2018
Infostretch has announced a free Jenkins plugin and service…
New Jenkins plugin tackles DevOps pipelines and app maintenance
News  January 4, 2018
The triple effect of cloud adoption, DevOps and CI/CD has…
How Do You Quality-Test A “Smart Pill”?
News  November 20, 2017
Earlier this week, the FDA granted its first-ever approval for a “smart…
Infostretch Launches Data Engineering Services
News  November 7, 2017
Putting agile analytics to work delivers competitive edge, reduced costs.
Engineering IoT data to be agile, smart and valuable
News  November 6, 2017
As more industries explore the boundless business opportunities.
Artificial intelligence in software testing has arrived
News  September 28, 2017
Machine learning can make many software testing tasks easier, faster and more…
Infostretch Named to SiTech20
News  May 1, 2017
20 Most Promising Technology Companies 2017 by SiliconIndia Magazine
Testing the boundaries of the IoT business model
News  June 29, 2017
There has been no shortage of predictions regarding how far and wide…
Infostretch India Celebrates 10 Incredible Years!
News  April 17, 2017
As covered in the Times of India April 17, 2017
Getting a jump-start on the road to quality engineering
News  February 2, 2017
For many DevOps teams, a transition over to a Continuous Integration
IoT testing 1, 2, 3… Is this algorithm working?
News  February 2, 2017
As momentum builds toward a ubiquitous, connected internet of things world, an…
Infostretch in Forrester Report – Vendor Landscape
News  November 14, 2016
An overview of vendors that can assist with B2C apps and guidelines…
IoT Development & Testing Acccepted for UK Public Sector Services
News  November 2, 2016
Infostretch has been accepted as a supplier of Specialist Cloud Services in…
Infostretch in Forrester Report – Vendor Landscape: B2C Mobile
News  October 26, 2016
Customer-obsessed firms want to nail mobile moments, but many lack a cohesive…
Infostretch in Forrester Report – Vendor Landscape: Mobile Dev
News  October 20, 2016
This report provides AD&D pros with an overview of the rapidly converging…
Fact-Checking Your IoT Use Case
News  October 17, 2016
The key to fully realizing the IoT promise lies in the ability…
Infostretch CTO Interviewed @ Jenkins World, 2016
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InfoStretch CTO Manish Mathuria talks to DevOps.com about the DevOps Express consortium
14 DevOps Leaders Join Forces
News  September 21, 2016
CloudBees, Sonatype, GitHub, CA Technologies and 10 other IT solutions and service…
14 DevOps Vendors Link up to Simplify Enterprise Adoption
News  September 15, 2016
DevOps Express initiative aims to streamline the way enterprises transform their software
Infostretch in Gartner Report – IT Market Clock – App Development
News  September 9, 2016
Application development technologies and disciplines continue to evolve as the need to…
How Many Smart Lightbulbs does it Take to Make a Connected Home
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Today, much of the discussion has shifted to smart home systems, which…
The Pulse of Digital Healthcare: What’s the Prognosis?
News  July 28, 2016
For many of today’s consumers, digital healthcare is defined by electronic health…
DailyUse Taps Infostretch for Contactless Mobile Payment Platform
News  July 19, 2016
Enterprise mobility solution provider Infostretch announced that it has provided software
Why is the Dream of the ‘Connected Home’ so Disjointed?
News  July 19, 2016
Mention the term 'connected home' or 'smart house', and you conjure up…
Infostretch QMetry: Agile Dev Needs to ‘Shift Left’ & Love
News  June 28, 2016
QMetry Test Manager was built to help QA teams “Shift Left” i.e.…
Infostretch Launches QMetry Test Manager for JIRA on Atlassian
News  June 27, 2016
The solution comes pre-integrated with Atlassian JIRA Software, the #1 software development…
Infostretch in Gartner Report – Platform as a Service, 2016
News  May 31, 2016
Over 200 specialist and generalist PaaS offerings are represented in this comprehensive…
Infostretch in Forrester Report – App Testing in the Cloud
News  January 28, 2016
Fast and easy accessibility, elastic scalability, and pay-per-use pricing models make cloud