Talent Meets Technology

A culture which is driven by knowledge and growth for Digital Transformation Growth

Infostretch Culture


Teamwork sets Infostretch apart – whether working with our colleagues or our clients.

Fun Times

Lunches, picnics, company meetings, and off-sites are all opportunities to unwind, recharge and free flow.

Giving Back

We encourage and support it, and our people embrace it.

Game On

From gentlemen’s cricket, volleyball and marathons to the egg and spoon race, we play it all.

Diversity in Action

We are global in mind and body and we encourage our people to embrace their passions, traditions and native spirit.
Life at Infostretch is not the same without our get-togethers, holiday parties, laughter fun activities. We love to celebrate our bond as a multi-cultural family and our daily life at Infostretch.

Empowering Women to Lead

Infostretch creates a dynamic work environment for all. Listen to some of these inspiring messages from this powerful group of women Infoneers.

Code On

A 24-hour immersion program where Infoneers design, develop and code using latest devices, sensors, servers, and platforms. We champion extreme agility, cohesiveness, teamwork, and a rush of adrenaline to design the best in class of next generation technology solutions.

Giving Back

For Infostretch, it’s second nature. It is our mission and vision to encourage corporate social responsibility and we support our team members that contribute to a greater cause. Below are just some of the causes championed by our team each year:
Back to School
Supporting Education
Infostretch supports local elementary schools with backpacks full of binders, pencils, pens, crayons, markers, and more for each child. Our team takes pride in this effort as an opportunity to give back to our local community.
Think Pink
Breast Cancer
Infostretch has been at the forefront of promoting awareness of breast cancer issues. Our team does its part by thinking pink in a big way every October.
Second Harvest Food Bank
Ending Hunger
This local organization provides food and nutrition education to nearly 250,000 people each month. Our team does a remarkable job helping this cause.
Habitat for Humanity
Building Communities
Team members take time out to support this group in the local areas and the company supports all volunteers who are actively involved.

Go Places

If traveling the world, paving your own way, and making an impact is the kind of career you want, you’re the type of person we’re looking for.