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The IoT is Changing the Way Business Gets Done

The growth of IoT is connecting the world – at home, at work, at play and beyond. While phones and wearables continue to be a focal point, a whole new world of ‘Smart’ devices – connected cars, appliances, homes, planes, industrial equipment and more – are now part of the connected IoT ecosystem.
As this ecosystem grows, so do the number of unique combinations of use cases against devices, operating systems and other conditions. This not only emphasizes the need for a well thought out development strategy, it also makes testing and QA far more complex.

Infostretch is Putting the IoT to Work in the Enterprise

Infostretch brings a unique blend of expertise in design, development, testing/QA, backend integrations, infrastructure and industry expertise to help you capitalize on this opportunity. Our team has defined, engineered, QA’d and deployed successful smart device and IoT initiatives across multiple industries, regions and technology platforms – including Wearables, Connected Cars, Digital Health, and Sensor-Based Analytics. We can help you identify the right IoT opportunities for your business and fast track your success.

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