Predictive and Prescriptive QA Overview

Harness the power of AI & machine learning for efficient test automation

Quality or Speed?

When it comes to software delivery, you often have to pick one or the other. But it’s not really an either/or choice these days. The business and your customers expect both.

Achieving both Quality and Speed requires the proper balance of requirements, time, infrastructure and effort.

Infostretch leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to solve the software delivery puzzle.

Our Predictive QA solutions are helping testing organizations harness the power of data to anticipate defects earlier, optimize test processes, and accelerate cycle time.

We use a proven model to:

  • Extract test data
  • Validate, Process and Determine usable data
  • And apply artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to derive predictive and prescriptive analytics

By identifying vulnerabilities early, Infostretch’s predictive QA solutions help you prioritize your QA efforts and solve the Quality/Speed conundrum.

We’ve also leveraged our deep Quality Engineering expertise to develop our own tools to convert more test automation data into actionable insights and recommendations

The ability to leverage your test data begins with understanding your current automation environment and QA maturity level.

Infostretch offers a no-cost, no obligation maturity assessment to help QA teams evaluate their best opportunities to use test data and identify immediate steps they can take to advance those efforts.

What can your test data tell you? Contact us today to get your free assessment!