Intelligent Testing Services Overview

Leverage AI and analytics to optimize your entire testing & quality processes

To meet growing digital demands, enterprises are adopting Agile and DevOps practices.

But for many test and QA departments, this creates a number of challenges, including:

  • Managing existing, unautomated test cases;
  • Difficulty prioritizing test cases and requirements;
  • High costs from inefficiently using testing resources;
  • And difficulty determining where and how to leverage predictive insight tools.

As a result, they are not able to fully achieve their Agile and DevOps goals.

To help achieve those goals, Infostretch combines extensive QA and testing expertise with AI-powered tools to drive big improvements in test coverage, quality, lifecycle time and cost.

For example:

Up to 35% increased agility —
by redistributing testing costs and leveraging unused resources.

Up to 40% enhanced quality —
by optimizing testing processes and getting important features into customers’ hands more quickly.

And up to 40% increased efficiency —
by giving developers a better understanding of key performance, functionality, and UX issues.

Our Intelligent Testing services enhance every aspect of your testing lifecycle — from Identification all the way through to optimization.

It starts with strategic mapping to understand the business objectives and ensure all consumer-facing applications meet the experience standards.

Next, we help identify test cases based on the application requirements and desired UX.

Then we leverage our expertise to implement the right tools, enhancing test quality to create a continuous testing foundation that accounts for test backlogs, coverage, and future changes…

We establish a fabric that enables the agility, quality and efficiency required for risk based testing in any infrastructure.

We also look for opportunities to execute and accelerate automation as broadly as possible in your AUT environment.

This includes automating test results analysis and plugging that data back into your testing processes for more intelligent test selection and prioritization.

Lastly, we leverage that data across the entire testing process to prioritize and optimize future testing efforts for enhancing the release quality.

These steps create the ability to take a more predictive and prescriptive approach to QA that can enable huge advantages for your business.

Put more intelligence into your Testing & QA processes.

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