Wearable Biosensor Testing

Wearable biosensors are set to revolutionize healthcare.
But with human lives in the balance, the stakes have never been higher.

Accuracy and reliability are critical requiring a new wave of testing

Accuracy and reliability are critical, necessitating a new wave of testing which spans sensors, software and the human body.

Wearable biosensors

Biosensor Types


“Consumers believe that wearable technology will soon affect every aspect of our lives and express enthusiasm about “what if” possibilities”

Pierre-Alain Sur PwC

The anatomy of Human Subject-Based Testing

Human Subject-Based Testing is critical to the success of wearable biosensors – and is a specialist field that few companies have experience of.


  • Understanding client requirements
  • Understanding device’s usage and features
  • Assessing data extraction techniques from device
  • Determining validation methodology
  • Defining end-to-end strategy

Human Subject-Based Testing Lab Set-up

  • Setting up lab for multiple test executions
  • Calibrating monitoring equipment to ensure data points captured accurately
  • Setting up of software tools to extract data and compute metrics
  • Identification and selection of human test subjects

Test Execution

  • Identification of protocols such as indoor/outdoor, exercise/resting/sleeping
  • Executing tests across defined protocols
  • Comparison testing of alternative devices or equipment

Analysis & Reporting

  • Data-gathering for each subject, activity and protocol
  • Data analysis to ensure data points gathered accurately
  • Test reports including defect and issues identification generated and delivered to client

“Never before has computing been small enough to be worn relatively comfortably around the clock on the body, presenting opportunities for breakthrough medical advancements”

Jen Quinlan Rithmio

of consumers said an important benefit of wearable technology is its potential to make healthcare more convenient*
Estimated size of the global
biosensor market by 2024**

*Data Bridge Market Research, 2019. **The Wearable Future, PWC October 2014.

About Infostretch Wearable Biosensor labs

Infostretch has worked with household-name technology brands to test and deploy some of the most demanding applications and use cases in wearables.

We put our customers’ product prototypes through a series of testing protocols and activity sets, analyzing & validating the data to determine real-world accuracy and identify improvements to product design and performance. Our testing continues until we demonstrate the product will deliver highly accurate biometric measurements in live conditions.

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