A bot is a digital service, powered by business rules and AI. Users can interact with the Bot via chat or a voice interface, like Siri or Alexa.

How they are improving customer experience and the new challenges

The Bot market is expected to reach $3.2B by 2021

Why Bots are Hot Right Now


Intelligently address customer needs


Reduce customer churn rate


Enhance overall customer experience


Increase engagement with the brand

Bots Improve Customer Engagement in Multiple Ways

Available on-demand
Interact with users’ surroundings to gain contextual/ relevant info
Imitate human actions
Compare multiple types of
info/ automatically connects with multiple systems
Serve as a visual extension of an organization

But QA Testing Bots is a Big Challenge

Multiple factors must be considered:


Intent Validation


Response Validation


Integration Validation

5 Important Considerations for a Bot Test Strategy


1 Focus on Flexibility and interoperability

Use an automation library that resides as part of the application package
and enables tests to be configured without code-level changes.

  • Controlled by a back-end interface
  • Modular and flexible
  • Scale up ability to accommodate future interfaces

2 Automate, Automate, Automate

Reducing the volume of manual tasks needed saves time and enhances processes
as use case complexity increases.

  • Focus on repetitive tasks
  • Reserve most complex functional or flow testing for manual configuration

3 Use Quality Data Flows

Creating data flows that mimic interactions is critical to a successful bot and a seamless end-user

  • Use Excel or Mind Map to create test flows
  • Bot automation frameworks read test flows

4 Mix and Match Approaches

Test different approaches to ensure a positive end-user experience across different user interfaces.

  • Headless test automation can be used successfully for faster testing of bots intended for multiple platforms
  • The “imitating user actions” approach enables testing of the bot’s end-to-end flow

5 Add Test Layers for Voice Complexity

Voice interface automation requires additional test layers to incorporate pre-recorded speech or a
text-to-speech (TTS) API simulator.

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