Connected Cars

Connected Cars

SmartPhones on Wheels

Infostretch is helping businesses leverage the enormous potential on wheels.

The connected car represents an exciting new platform with unlimited use cases and huge revenue opportunities in the form of maintenance, service, infotainment, insurance, performance monitoring, security, and more.

Among US online adults who already own or lease a vehicle:


Base: 3,828 US online adults (18+) who own or lease a vehicle. Source: Forrester’s North American Consumer Technographics ® Travel and Auto Online Benchmark. Recontact Survey, 2015

The Connected Car Ecosystem

Car makers, mobile operators and application developers are creating a large connected ecosystem around this new “smartphone on wheels.”

Car Makers

are pursuing strategic alliances with hardware suppliers to access the infotainment systems they believe customers will want. BMW and GM are already offering services like Pandora and Google search.

Mobile Operators

are offering connected car platforms that car makers can customize. Google’s Open Automotive Alliance will also promote its open-source OS as a platform for in-car technology.

Application Developers

are innovating and enabling entirely new user experiences in the connected car – propelled and incented by the growing application ecosystem forming around it.

Infostretch – Your Innovation Engine for the Connected Car

The key to capitalizing on the connected car ecosystem is in transforming vehicle and user data into actionable information. Infostretch offers a unique blend of expertise in mobile, IoT and backend systems integration to help businesses take advantage of these opportunities. These include comprehensive services and tools spanning strategy, design & development, test & QA, and optimization & monetization.

See the reverse side for specific examples of how we are putting these capabilities into action.

The Connected Car – Accelerate with Infostretch

Infostretch is enabling businesses to capitalize on the connected car opportunity today.

Leading Automotive Manufacturers’ Repair Solution Provider

Bluetooth connectivity providing instant access to vehicle diagnostic data

This national company was looking for an opportunity to differentiate its repair services and increase its market opportunity. Infostretch helped develop an information system to deliver vehicle diagnostic data to mobile devices through an Android app. By providing anytime, anywhere access to this data, they are reducing turnaround time for repairs and increasing revenues and customer satisfaction.

Wireless Location-based Services Company Offering GPS and Automotive Navigation

Streamlined testing approach speeds time to market for new services

Performance measurement was a major roadblock to this companys’ ability to optimize its automotive search engine SDK and APIs. Infostretch built a custom solution to monitor, analyze and optimize the search engine performance. The solution reduced test cycle time by 60% and enabled real-time performance monitoring of the company’s GPS, search, navigation and mobile advertising services. As a result, the company reduced defects, accelerated service rollout in new regions, and increased revenues for new value-add services.

Mission-critical Wireless Communications Solution Provider

New integrated UI for connected car solution opened up new revenue opportunities

This company provides many of the critical pieces of connected car infrastructure to auto manufacturers and OEMs; e.g., search, maps, navigation, etc. It saw an opportunity to leverage its expertise to offer a completely integrated solution, but it needed help to make it all work together with an elegant UI. Infostretch developed a new UI which integrated all the different technologies and made it elegant and intuitive for end-users. The offering has opened up a whole new set of revenue opportunities while also providing the flexibility to customize it for the different auto brands they sell to. Going forward, Infostretch is integrating the solution with industry standard demo platforms and developing new services which link connected cars to connected families for tracking and safety.

Leading Luxury Automotive Manufacturer

Test QA process ensured clear connection for them and their mobile content partners

The client provides an SDK to its mobile partners that want to offer safe access to their content and services to users while driving their cars. With it, popular mobile services like Pandora, Go Pro, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Audible and Android Smart Things (connected home apps) can all be accessed easily from the vehicle dashboard. The quality of these partner integrations directly impacts service levels and driver satisfaction. Infostretch provided all test and QA services for these partner integrations – ensuring that all mobile services would work seamlessly in the vehicles. The client selected Infostretch as a result of its deep experience in mobile QA, and its ability to work directly with so many of the mobile content partners in Silicon Valley.

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