AI-Powered Solutions for Test Optimization

Intelligent testing services and BOTS that leverage advanced AI and machine learning techniques to optimize every aspect of your testing cycle.

Intelligent testing services & BOTS that leverage advanced AI & ML techniques

Stay Ahead of Agile and DevOps Demands

To meet the growing demands of digital, enterprises are increasingly adopting Agile and DevOps to accelerate their efforts, but test/QA organizations may not be equipped to adapt to the impact these initiatives have on their workload.

Huge backlog of test cases
Difficulty putting best practices into action
Selecting the right set of tools
Finding the right resources and expertise
Insufficient use of test automation

Increase the Efficiency of Your Testing Efforts by as Much as 35%

Based on 12+ years of experience in test and QA, ASTUTE is a new AI-powered quality engineering suite comprised of intelligent testing services, best practices, and pre-configured BOTs. Astute equips your test/QA team to improve product quality, compress cycle time and increase efficiency.

Accelerate Your Test Lifecycle

ASTUTE can optimize every aspect of your test/QA lifecycle – migrating and optimizing test cases, managing your test environment, automating your test processes, and analyzing test cases and predicting defects before they impact users or delivery schedules.

Deliver Benefits Across the Business

ASTUTE is designed for ease of use so that test engineers with limited knowledge of AI and Machine can quickly apply it to optimize their software testing efforts.



Delivery Applications 2x Faster

Testing resources and expertise can be deployed more effectively and focused on higher value activities that drive digital innovation.



Ensure 100% Code Coverage

Optimization expands test coverage, improving quality, accelerating time to market for new services, and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.



Save More than 35% in Testing Efforts

Intelligent insights give developers a better understanding of key drivers of performance and functionality, optimizing their efforts.

Putting ASTUTE to Work


Test Case Optimization – Financial Institution

Need: Remove ‘dead’ test cases from a repository of over 150,000 to streamline automation efforts.

ASTUTE provided optimal test coverage through NLP, canonical models and semantic analysis to reduced test case duplication by 12%. Identified reusable steps across the repository and increased automation readiness of manual test cases. Results include streamlined automation implementation, reduced maintenance, and faster time to market for new services.


Cognitive Defect Prevention – Payment Tech Company

Need: Optimize testing efforts within risk parameters using past defect trends and future quality predictions.

ASTUTE used Classification with Adaptive Learning to identify high-risk vulnerabilities; utilized standard deviation regression to estimate required efforts/ resource allocations and prescribe a risk management process. Results included increased product quality and user experience, more efficient resource allocations, and faster time to market.


Automated Test Result Analysis – Global Retailer

Need: Streamline automation process for 25,000+ test cases on 4 mobile devices and 2 browser configurations weekly. Simplify results review, prioritization.

ASTUTE used configurable AI algorithms to identify and automatically categorize defect patterns allowing regression engineers to focus on critical priorities. Ability to quickly isolate critical defects enhanced product quality, accelerated time to market, and optimized utilization of test infrastructure and resources.

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