Connecting Stakeholders in the Insurance Industry with AWS

Customer Overview

Westhill is a US-based technology company that provides cutting-edge software, tools, and a platform ecosystem to the property & casualty (P&C) insurance industry.

Westhill leverages data and advanced analytics to connect insurance carriers, service providers and policyholders, providing customer choice and removing inefficiencies from the claims process. As advocates in the power of connection, Westhill believe all successful experiences need a foundation grounded in transparency and shared value. These outcome-based principles are woven throughout each facet of Westhill’s business model.

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Expertise in Digital Services & Industry Leading Tools

The Challenge

Bringing visibility to the property claims process lifecycle required devising a platform approach that would enable several automated processes to be seamlessly integrated across three different key stakeholders – carriers, homeowners, and service providers.

The platform would need to bring transparency to every job executed for policyholders – a complex scenario which might include:

  • Recommending a highly-rated, accredited and rigorously vetted contractor
  • Providing clear line of sight and monitoring all progress of an ongoing job
  • Negotiating pricing with contractors on behalf of the policyholder
  • Intervening with people as needed to overcome technical limitations of a policyholder or contractor
  • Reallocating resources accordingly, creating additional touchpoints for the carrier
  • Handling escalations and feedback logging mechanisms
  • Providing advanced tracking throughout the process to compile smart data

Even though insurance companies have strong claim processing engines and settlement processes, handing all of the above required a scalable platform capable of guiding the process and delivering 100% policyholder satisfaction. In essence, building the future claim experience.

Some of the key design challenges included:

Identifying scalable and high-performance platforms on which to build recommendation engines, serverless computing services to construct service-oriented architecture, workflow functionality, timely triggering of notification mechanisms, and a fully functioning solution that could scale easily to handle above-market volumes.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Infostretch

Needing a cost-effective technology platform capable of rapid analysis, computing, and deployment of new business features, Westhill turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The company was already using AWS’ Lambda serverless computing for a rules-based recommendation engine and workflow triggering tasks.

This trigger-code-when-required approach helped them serve individual policyholders efficiently, capture logs, and trigger workflows using a step function – all of which were seen as a breakthrough in meeting their current design challenges in a cost-effective manner.

Infostretch was chosen by Westhill as the technology and consulting partner to architect, build, and deploy the end-to-end solution due to its robust domain knowledge of third-party issuance and cloud expertise.

Infostretch delivered industry-leading digital services
and tools to support:

Digital Transformation

Digital Development

Agile &

Complex Backend Architecture

Westhill now uses AWS for high-performance computing, workflow management, and risk analysis of customer data to create test and development environments for its commercial application.

Some of the key components of the solution built and deployed
on the AWS Platform include:

Rules-Based Recommendation Engine

Workflow Mechanism to Guide Policyholder

Escalation & Feedback Module

Pricing & Negotiation Module

Rapid Compute Process to Serve Customers Quicker

Rapid Deployment Model to Meet Mission Critical & Business Critical Tasks

AWS Services Used

API Gateway





Amazon CloudWatch

Achievements & Outcomes

100% Business Continuity

Assuring higher service levels and reducing operational costs

Faster Delivery

Shift from CapEx to OpEx Model, enabling faster delivery of new, market-driven business features

Customer Satisfaction

Near 100% Customer Satisfaction. Via fast deployment of new business models; process transparency

About Infostretch

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