Creating Next Generation Technology Solutions in Healthcare

Customer Overview

This healthcare provider is one of the leading health plans in the US, serving millions of members at hundreds of locations across the country.

The organization prides itself on its continuous effort to develop and refine its medical practices to deliver the most effective and efficient care possible to its members. This includes deploying the latest digital technologies wherever they can make a meaningful difference.

Business Goals

A Digital

Supporting Member Health Goals: a personal, engaging andempowering experience

Improved Levels of Patient Care

Across the complete patient experience


Using technology to enhance care

Operational Efficiency

By making care more accessible and effective

The Challenge

Digital technologies have had an immensely positive impact on the healthcare industry – from streamlined operations and lower costs to easier information access enabling better patient care, and groundbreaking new treatments that can be monitored and managed via cloud, mobile and IoT.

But there are still some challenges as well; e.g., the inability to connect digital health record systems, concerns about patient data security and privacy, and the impersonalization of the patient-provider relationships.

As this organization looked for new ways to leverage technology for the betterment of its members and its operations, it was well aware of both the opportunities and the pitfalls.

The client had identified a number of different areas where it wanted to make improvements, but the key was focusing on those where technology could have the greatest impact – for members, doctors, and other staff. Another important need was the ability to integrate and tune any new digital capabilities within the unique requirements of the healthcare organizations’ existing IT systems and infrastructure.

The Solution

This company had a long-standing relationship with Infostretch and worked with the team on a number of important digital initiatives, leveraging Infostretch’s thought leadership and deep digital expertise. Infostretch had become its go-to digital services partner.

Working together, the client and Infostretch identified several areas to focus their initial efforts on. Each use case presented a unique opportunity to leverage digital to provide immediate benefit in the areas of both patient care and resource utilization. In each case, Infostretch led the design, development, and delivery of the digital solution, including integrations to the existing hospital and medical practice systems where needed. Some of the projects also included QA and testing of the applications to ensure optimal performance in use.

Remote Care Interactions

Remote Care Interactions

Infostretch created an application using mobile and wearables devices which allowed care providers and patients to communicate on care and diagnosis remotely. The solution improved patient compliance and improved care efficiency for staff.

Inventory Management for Controlled Substances

Inventory Management for Controlled Substances

Infostretch developed an application for automated tracking of the availability and release of controlled substances for pharmacies in this health system. The solution streamlined very manual processes while providing better inventory information for the hospital.

Operational Analytics

Operational Analytics

Infostretch developed a solution that consolidated information about patient capacity and staffing from multiple data sources. This dashboard in the cloud-connected to the hospital’s existing systems and devices, enabling staff in different locations to monitor patient needs and align resources with those needs.

Care Followup

Care Followup

To support remote care, Infostretch also created a post-care online survey tool for hospital staff to use with patients. The project included the design and development of the survey authoring tool, end-to-end workflow, and a continuous development and release infrastructure to enable more frequent release cycles for new features.

Next Steps

Infostretch is currently working with the client on the development and testing of several new initiatives including one related to safer dispensing of prescriptions and another related to more convenient appointment scheduling.

Achievements & Outcomes

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Increased Patient

due to ease of
access to care

Operational Efficiency


as a result of better information availability

Faster Time to Market

Faster Time
to Market

via real-time testing and
optimization of sensors

About Infostretch

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